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How to stop botting and forget about BOA concept that ruined D3

diablo4 - How to stop botting and forget about BOA concept that ruined D3

So I often see some id*ot suggestions on Blizzard forums about how to stop Botting, some of Wich are just dumb and ignorant like "captcha" before joining a game or "metadata" pattern…

If you want captcha, you can't let the botter know when it's coming, and you can't rely on any sort of metric or pattern, because that can be obfuscated.

Also, we must try very hard to never diminish the experience of real players in the fight to stop bots. So the "realm down" thing that relies on amounts of games per hour because people will naturally try to maximize their time, and of the speed of clicking out of characters, that stuff needs to stop and never come back. I often see players complain about them getting realm downed after transfering stuff from one character to another because they forgot to "take it slow" with the clicking.

However, I think that the players will accept a 0.1% compromise on their experience in order to fight 98% of the bots.

So here are my suggestions.

The first layer of protection, would be cleitn side a kernel level spyware that can be self updated. So you must convince the wannabee hackers/bossland customers from Europe that privacy cannot exist on battle.net, and that Blizzard doesn't give a shit about your porn. You accept the EULA or you dont play, simple as that, no bullshit excuses. What happens to regular customers? Nothing… What happens to hackers? banned key,3 weeks ban followed by 2 months etc… Just let your privacy go and stop argumenting if you want a bot free game, you are not an important person nor a military researcher in high tech, and if you are, keep your work computer seperate.

Everything can be circumvented or randomized. Metadata is shit.

The second layer of protection would be server side, if the game suspects botter, the game scans for safe zones where no monsters are in range of the party, and character is in motion, then a random prompt captcha appears at some random location on screen, of every player, simultaneously, and is possible this happens to as much people possible on bnet. Again, let me clarify what "suspects" means, it means that if you are somebody with a day job and like to play alot on weekends, you will most likely never see a captcha. Its alot easier to "suspect" a bot then it is to "prove", and if you are on vacation, maybe on the 2nd week you will see a captcha ever 5-6 hours or so. However, if you re a lazy fiend, then you can expect to see a few captchas everyday, that is your punishement.

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Because you see, computers cant solve captchas yet, not all of them, so humans somewhere must be relayed the image. Such parallelism would certainly overflow the slave captcha solvers in Indonesia. Basically the botter could never leave and be reassured.

How long does it take for a human to solve ? 20 seconds ? Well if you give 60 seconds, even a single human can't handle 8 captchas at a time. 8 connections is the max per IP.

The third layer of protection, would be legal, for those few people that do manage to game the system, pursue legal action against anybody who reverse engineers the warden and attempts to sell the software. With the amount of work involved and the maintenance, possible consequences, we can be reasonably sure that such software would never reach metastasis stage.

Now, if after all these steps, there are still botters around, I guess this is the best we can do as a society. Such is life, we tried hard, one thing is for sure we are not about to go BOA to satisfy a salty psychotic minority with inferiority complex and maniacal tendencies. If somebody sells an item for cash, that is his risk to take and its just a tragic case of buyers remorse, we wont start controlling everybody and snitching everybody because some gamers have mental issues.

With this, we can leave behind the BOA concept and offer total free trade in Diablo 4 and remaster.

Now, go and spread the word, tell Blizzard this is what you want. Don't let the BOA noobs win this argument, their saltyness and jealousy ruined D3, these people are the loot police and a cancer, we must suppress them.

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