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How to ZDH Gr150s – an off-meta effortpost

diablo8 - How to ZDH Gr150s - an off-meta effortpost

Hi all,

I’ve been having good results with the ZDH at GR150 this season, and I wanted to share my setup.

This is for a party comp involving ZDH, zBarb, zmonk, Necro. This comp is admittedly not as fast as the 2 zbarb comp, and not as consistent as the zbarb sader comp, but it is most definitely good enough when you just can’t find a second barb or sader.


Your job as the ZDH is first and foremost to trade seasonal buff stacks with the barb. (This guide assumes you know how to do that.) You also apply buffs, debuffs, and aggro pull.


Entangling shot – Heavy Burden

This is your most important buff. Combined with odyssey’s end in the cube, it will buff your necro’s damage by 150%, allowing them to clear trash faster and build more stacks.

Marked for Death – Contagion

This is another multiplicative damage bonus of 15%. It will be automatically applied to everything using the calamity crossbow.

Strafe – Drifting Shadow

You will be using strafe along with the GoD set 4 piece to automatically apply the above two skills. it will also be a source of your mobility and survivability thanks to the GoD set.

Smoke Screen – Displacement

This is your source of burst mobility that is required for running back and forth from the group to trade seasonal buff stacks.

Multi shot – Wind Chill

Another mass damage buff, providing a significant critical hit chance bonus to your necro.

Sentry – Guardian Turret*

25% damage reduction for the whole team? Sign me up!

*If your group has enough paragon to survive without this, then you can trade it for Bolas – Bitter Pill. Switch to this when aggroing mobs, so that you don’t slow them with Entangling Shot. Then switch back when you return to the group.



Numbing traps – damage reduction for your team

Awareness – deaths bad mmk

Tactical advantage – move speed

Hot pursuit OR perfectionist OR custom engineering – more movement speed for high para, or more survivability for low para


Weapons: Vallas Bequest & Calamity

As mentioned, calamity is for automatically applying marked for death. Vallas is to spread your damaging love to as many enemies as possible.

Helm, chest, shoulders, gloves: GoD

haha strafe go brrrr

Pants, boots, belt: Crimsons

Crimsons is a multi-class all-star because of its CDR. This zdh build is very RCR-hungry as well, making crimsons a strong dual bonus.

Bracers: Nems, or wraps of clarity if another person wants to wear nems.

Jewelery: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac, Oculus Ring, Flavor of Time Standard zdps stuff

Cube: odyssey’s end, Aquila Cuirass, elusive ring


why don’t you use companion and/or the marauders set?

While companion is a great skilll, We don’t use it because your pets can interfere with kiting the RG to a narrow area. You the zdh are taking the place of an RGK, so you don’t want your wolf messing up the final seasonal Proc.

Why no dawn?

If you are squishy, then swap dawn and vengeance-dark heart for calamity and marked for death. But between elusive, Aquila, crimson, numbing traps, and guardian turret, you should be fine.

Why no freezing bolas?

This build is very different from speeds ZDH. You don’t want to DR the mobs. The barb needs to be able to stomp and spear them.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to ask any questions and I answer them!

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