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How would you make a Dark Souls-like Diablo game?

diablo3 - How would you make a Dark Souls-like Diablo game?

As seen on the recent Kotaku article, the first version of Diablo 4 Blizzard tried to develop was codenamed "Hades", and was something of a Diablo/Dark Souls hybrid. It got cancelled, but…

…If you were to make something like that, how would you do it?

Dark Souls and Diablo share some similarities, but they are very different. Apart from the obvious, such as the camera angle, there are some points in which they're nearly opposite. For example:

  • Itemization in Dark Souls is more a matter of move sets. It's usually a matter of different attacks and special abilities, not of weapon A being more powerful than B. Meanwhile, part of the Diablo appeal lies in finding better items with the right combination of stats to match your build, slowly but constantly increasing in power.

  • The starting class in Dark Souls has little lasting impact in how you play the game. Any class can follow almost any build, much like the classes in Path of Exile. In Diablo, in other hand, a character's class defines its skills and abilities, changing completely its gameplay.

  • The attacks and spells in Dark Souls are more subdued – a sword slash, a single fireball, a kick. Compare that to the multiple screens' worth of explosions when using, for example, D3's Seven-Sided Strike with Exploding Palm. Dark Souls is about slowly and carefully defeating enemy by enemy, while in Diablo we often kills hordes of enemies in a single second.

I'm really curious about how Blizzard would try merging those two styles; since we will probably never know, how would you do it?

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