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Hunt for Missing Lore (Dark Exile and Leoric)

diablo16 - Hunt for Missing Lore (Dark Exile and Leoric)

Hello everyone! As we wait for BlizzCon, which will likely give us updates for Immortal AND Diablo IV, I've decided to refresh my Diablo lore knowledge and fill whatever holes are missing.
I have everything beside the Book of Adria. So far most things seem to be okay, but I've hit two brick walls. Ironically these are probably the two most important parts of the lore. The Dark Exile and the Fall of Leoric. Since I don't have a library filled with Horadric Scrolls, I figured I would consult the next best thing: You guys.
The Dark Exile: So during the DE, the Prime Evils manipulated the Lesser Evils to unite against them and banish them to Sanctuary. But WHY? It is true that they agreed to leave Sanctuary alone, so just traveling there would be a serious breech of the agreement, but they actually planned to be hunted down and imprisoned. I don't see how it would have made any difference if they just skipped the whole demonic civil war.
Problem number two is Izual. So he assaulted the Hell Forge, got captured and revealed the secret of the Soul Stones to the Three. It was then that they decided to go with the whole plan. But supposedly Tyrael only made the soul stones when he realized the three brothers are on Sanctuary. So how could Izual tell them about it before? Did he just have plans on his desk just in case something like this happened? And decided to go with it when the other angel who knew about this idea got captured by those he wanted to use the stones against?
Leoric: This will be a big one as we will be looking at three games. Diablo, Diablo Immortal and Diablo III. So if we look at events as they happened, Leoric arrived with Asylla and their two sons to Tristram, which Leoric dismissed as a backwater. A strange sentiment considering we have yet to see any settlement in Khanduras that is not a small village. Stranger still is that his manor is pretty far from Tristram. In fact it is closer to Wortham than Tristram. And Ashwold Manor is actually closer to Tristram than Leoric's Manor. I don't know if Asylla is from Ashwold or just liked very much by the population, but if she WAS from there I don't get why Leoric was surprised about the state of Tristram a few kilometers away. I guess it is possible that Wortham was not yet established back then and Leoric was still living in Ashwold Manor and only moved to the manor in DIII after he became corrupted.
So Leoric died and buried in the catacombs. On level 3 of the catacombs to be exact. He returned as a kinda tall skeleton. He was bashed into pieces by Aiden and co. Later Lethes summoned Leoric's spirit or essence or something into Ashwold Manor (an indication that it is important for Leoric). Again he was defeated. He was resurrected with a very strange method by exploiting his connection to Asylla. This roundabout way suggests that his corpse was not available for use.
And here comes to complicated part. In Diablo III Leoric is resurrected again. His tomb is now on the fourth level of the catacombs and includes a giant sized throne for some reason and both entering the tombs and fighting Leoric requires his crown that was buried with councillor Eamon. So where did all this new stuff come from? I guess either Leoric was re-buried after Diablo I to make sure no evil necromancer or demon can reach him, or the Worldstone shard falling down nearby caused a cosmic retcon by rewriting the past.


So am I crazy or at least missing something?

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