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Hunting the first white whale…

diablo10 - Hunting the first white whale...

…or the Whimsyshire portrait frame, if you will.

For reference, all data gathered here is using my season 21 Barbarian, Teach, and is being carried out on Torment X difficulty on EU servers.

I didn't come in to season 21 intending on crafting a Staff of Herding – I figured I'd play through the story co-op with a friend of mine, then see how far down the season journey I could make it this time. And then I was in Leoric's Manor House, and decided to poke my nose into that grate to see if Leoric's Shinbone was there – and, to my surprise, it was.

Not wanting to look a gift unicorn in the mouth, I gathered the remaining parts, netting the Gibbering Gemstone on July 23rd after far too many trips to the Caverns of Frost, and we were good to go. I'd wrapped my season journey by this point, so aside from mastering set dungeons and pushing further into the endless chasm of GRs, I didn't really have anything better to do that go after an item I'd wanted for a while, but never put the time into farming – Sir William, and the Whimsyshire portrait frame.

Going into this, I decided I wanted to put some time into data-gathering, as there were things I was curious about – what was the split between the two main uniques? How often would other unique creatures show up? How many Champion and Elite mobs could I expect? Etc.

As a result, I've documented some key facts about each of these first 100 runs I've done – the main one being that Sir William is still yet to spawn, so I'll need to carry on with this piece of work. I'm not going to list the results of each run here, and I'm not claiming that what I've experienced is definitive – but the information may be of interest to some of you.

Unique Enemies, by frequency

  • Evil Oliver (54 runs)
  • Super Awesome Sparkle Cake (46 runs)
  • Nightmarity (5 runs)
  • Tubbers (3 runs)
  • Maisie the Daisy, Midnight Sparkle (2 runs)
  • Princess Stardust, Team Unicorn (1 run)
  • Creampuff, Sir William (0 runs)

The first two entries here shouldn't be a shock, as one or the other of EO and SASC spawn in each instance of Whimsyshire. Looking at the other uniques, Nightmarity getting so many spawns seems a little odd – it takes up over a third of the 14 spawns we've seen over these instances.

I was a little concerned that I'd missed Maisie for a while, until I first encountered her on run 61 – she's distinctive enough to stand out from the other Tangleroot enemies, which I hadn't been wiping out if I didn't need to.

In terms of combinations of unique enemies, we see the following:

NameEvil OliverSuper Awesome Sparkle Cake
Maisie the Daisy2
Midnight Sparkle11
Princess Stardust1
Team Unicorn1
Sir William

It's too early for this to be statistically significant, but it'll be interesting to see if Maisie spawns in an SASC instance during the next set of runs, or whether she only appears with Evil Oliver.

Expected number of Champion and Elite mobs


It didn't take long to realise that every instance of Whimsyshire has two or three spawns each of Champion and Elite mobs. The more interesting question was whether there was a pattern to how many spawned – did the "boss" unique affect things, and did the number of one influence the number of the other.

No. of mobsEvil OliverSuper Awesome Sparkle Cake

At this point, I don't think there's a strong case to be made for a bias in terms of number of spawns of each enemy type by the "boss" unique. However, are the combinations influenced?

MobsEvil OliverSuper Awesome Sparkle Cake
2 Champ, 2 Elite1112
2 Champ, 3 Elite1413
3 Champ, 2 Elite159
3 Champ, 3 Elite1412

Again, I wouldn't say these indicate any bias – with a larger sample size, I expect to see these trend back towards an even split.

Transmogrification Weapon Spawns

I'll hold my hand up here – when I started to do this, I either wasn't aware of or had forgotten about the existence of the Horaldric Hamburger and Spectrum. I noticed something about them in the Wiki after 20 runs, when I was looking for a list of the Unique enemies you can encounter in Whimsyshire.

I think I got lucky with the Hamburger, having one drop on the second run after I found out about it – during these two runs, I was clicking on every Happy Cloud to try to trigger a drop, whereas I normally don't deliberately click on them. After that, I went back to my normal methodology – wipe out the bears and unicorns, reveal the map, kill the bosses and break the pinata if it is there.

Using that approach, by the end of 100 runs I had seen three Hamburgers and two copies of Spectrum. I think one of the Hamburgers came from an accidental click on a cloud, so I think only one came from an enemy, while I believe both Spectrums came from SASC.

Future things to investigate

As noted, I've not found Sir William yet, so I'll be getting back to the hunt later this evening. Doing this many runs through Whimsyshire has been good for my Death's Breath stockpile, but the music is not good for one's sanity – though I'm sure some of you would think my data collection is evidence of that anyway.

I'm going to add a couple of other points to my research for the next 100 runs (assuming we get that far) – Cursed Chest incidence, and Pinata incidence. I think I've seen a Cursed Chest in every run, though I tend to avoid clicking on them, but I'd like to confirm that. I'm also not sure how often you can expect a glowing Pinata of goodies to appear, so I'd like to get an estimate on that.

I'll continue to track the data points I'm already tracking, and I'll make better notes on Spectrum and Hamburger drops as well.

Hopefully something in the above proves interesting – and hopefully Sir William makes an appearance before I get to 200…

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