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Filthy casual here, spent all day yesterday on my holiday playing D3 and had a blast. Played a little in S16 and not much since. Rolled a necro and wanted to finish the season journey. Even before I got the set bonus I had a super fun build as a fresh 70, was pretty much a breeze completing chapter 4. But once I got my 6pc, holy heck I was crushing T6 immediately. Could go higher but I hit that odd gear point where my damage output is much higher than my actual survivability. I didn't change my build at all after the 6pc, it just got way stronger. It was a glorious day off work doing nothing but rifts, GRs, & bounties. Looks like I am hooked on this season for now so if anyone wants a necro buddy shoot me a PM, I play PC softcore ( all my buds do hardcore but I can't handle the inevitable death and losing all my best gear) NA and usually around on weeknights or weekends eastern US timezone. Would love to hear about you guys' builds and what you are liking so far this season.

Quick breakdown on my current build: 6pc inarius w/ nemesis, Funerary Pick wep, Lost Time offhand & a Krelm's Bluff belt. Not optimal but working with what I've been able to get from RNGeezus so far. What I'm liking a lot about the setup right now is that there is built in speed without me having to have a mobility skill due to the belt and offhand.



Siphon Blood – Purity. I just plain like using Siphon Blood and I got a nice scythe that give me the extra 2 hits so faster health and resource regen.

Skeletal Mage: Archer. Cold skill that boosts my runspeed and they are just plain fun, give me more pets and they take damage for me.

Corpse Explosion: Dead Cold. Another skill I just love to use, so satisfying to blow up. The freeze gives me more speed stacks and also damage boost while enemies are frozen. This is so fun in a huge pack of mobs, once a few are dead just start carpet bombing and everything dies.

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Command Skeletons: Frenzy. Love me some pets and siccing these bad boys on a mob is very handy.

Frailty: Scent of blood. This curse makes enemies take more damage from my pets and also die at 15% health so it works great.

Bone Armor: Dislocation. Huge damage boost with the Inarius 6pc set and really makes the whole thing work awesomely. I just run head first into mobs with my 10 stack and everything dies.

So like I said, not the top build but I am having a ton of fun with this right now. Skills will be changed out as I get appropriate gear to start leveling up in GRs but I feel like this is a top tier mid-level build. I am running with folks that are several hundred paragons ahead of me and able to keep up with the front of the pack and put out plenty of damage.

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