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I am Immortal’s target demographic

diablo12 - I am Immortal's target demographic

I play mobile games on my train to work, on average I spend 200 a month of micro transactions. Over the last 5 years, I have played 20+ games and have continued to play 4/5 regularly. I like supporting the games I play, and enjoy being able to stay "competitive" in some of the online arenas. That being said, the biggest draw for me is that I can start playing, and if something comes up, I can immediately step away. IMO mobile games thrive on quick bursts of play-ability. I have played D2 on console, and have truly enjoyed it. I have played with a group of friends and maybe was playing for 5 hours a week at the peak. I know I am not a hardcore Diablo fan, but I feel like that is the point. Blizzard didnt make this game for the current hardcore fan base. All that being said, I have no interest playing this game. Mobile games are all running on the micro transaction model, for Diablo, that looks like either a Stamina system, limiting your playable time (I loved running rifts over and over, so why would you limit that), or a cosmetic system, which was already included in D3. The game may look good, but as some one who played mobile, I am guessing that playing on WiFi ( which I'm assuming is the recommended) you will get about an hour and half of play time for your entire battery.

TLDR here is a breakdown on my reasons why I am not sold on this game as a stand alone mobile title. '

  • The graphics presented and the online connectivity required will drain a battery
  • The online component means that suspending a rift or play may result in a drop of instance. Meaning you are either playing to completion or losing progress.
  • With every mobile "game" I have seen, about 1/5 of the player end up dropping out during co-op, this can lead to frustrating matchmaking
  • This game is looking like the preferred method of playing is plugged in while connected to wifi, which isn't the draw of mobile gaming.
  • If the game goes free to play with Micro transaction, it seems that it will either have a cosmetic system or a stamina system, both which will limit play time
  • While I like playing "games" on my phone, its more to pass than the time, than to be invested. I do not know anyone else who chooses mobile over a full system. I am guilds across 4 games, and have asked each of them if they prefer to play mobile and they all do it just to pass time.
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Sorry if this is a dumb post, I just thought to add thoughts from the other side of the isle. Happy to answer any questions about my experience with the mobile market.


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