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I beat my first level 70 Greater Rift yesterday, and I loved the entire journey.

diablo18 - I beat my first level 70 Greater Rift yesterday, and I loved the entire journey.

I'm not sure what other people consider are good stopping points for when you retire using a character, but I felt like level 70 Greater Rifts were the most logical end point for me and after that it was just grinding to get a better high score in Greater Rift levels. So that's what I did.

This season, I created a Demon Hunter and played it almost entirely blind when it comes to build making as I felt it was more fun that way (Late into it I did look up one build guide that I decided against using, also looked up what affixes can appear on items to make better enchanting choices, and a guide on how to get Helfire Amulets). And I do believe that did make things a lot more fun for myself personally.

What I enjoyed the most was just how often I swapped gear pieces out. For a while I used the Calamity hand crossbow and changed by skills around that, and for a longer period I used Cape of the Dark Night with Caltrops – Bait the Trap to synergize with that. Not following guides made me half a half dozen improvised builds and strategies along the way, which I found to be very enjoyable.

Things began to slow down as I had been wearing a crafted up Demon set for a while and had been desperately trying to get a 6 set bonus together, carefully choosing which slots to spend blood shards on to best increase my chance at getting the final piece in a set without replacing a valuable legendary. Natalya's, Maurader's and Shadow were the three sets that were competing with each other on which would be the first set I could get a six set bonus with first (or five different pieces total, because of the season effect). To which Natalya's won out on.

I played off of Natalya's to the end, even when I did fully construct other sets. After getting that initial set built (which was a bit of an RNG gate I didn't like) things progressed very smoothly. Constantly got more paragon levels, more legendaries and gold to be crafting gems with and new ancient upgrades to my current items. Every time things started to slow down and I worried it would just be paragon levels to get stronger from them on, I would find a new part of my build to switch out to boost just a bit further.

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My end build's actives were Rapid Fire – Bombardment, Rain of Vengeance – Anathema, Vault – Action Shot, Preparation – Back up plan, Companion – Wolf and Chakram -Shuriken Cloud. The passives were Awareness, Grenadier, Ambush, Thrill of the Hunt and also I managed to get Cull the Weak from a Hellfire Amulet.

I'd say about 45% of my damage was from Rapid Fire, 45% from Rain of Vengence and 10% from other sources. My strategy was to use Rapid Fire to trigger the effect on the Natalya's set to lower the cooldown on Rain of Vengeance, Wolf companion for the damage boost and keeping enemies away from me, Vault for movement, Preperation for allowing me to vault more and the Chakrams were more for breaking objects then dealing damage.


Besides the obvious with the Natalya's set, I used the quiver Sin Seekers in combination with Reaper's Wraps to ensure I never ran out of Hatred, the Elusive Ring for defense, Hellcat's Waistguard for the grenade boost (which was actually the last legendary I added to the build) and just the hand crossbow with the highest damage I could get. The other items aren't too notable as they are all either a Rapid Fire or Rain of Vengeance damage boost.

My first paragon stats were Attack Speed to go with the Natalya's set effect, Life on hit to give me recovery from the attack speed, Dexterity for the generic damage and All Resist because the resistance affixes were so niche that I didn't want to use them.

The entire journey was fun (except for a few minor step ups) and the game was something I was more then glad to get. I should say that I do come from Path of Exile, which has a community that is a tad more elitist then this one (though I wouldn't call them an unhealthy one) and I was told that this game was very casual, so I was happy to see that there was still a ton of build planning in it.

If I have to give one personally suggestion on something I would change if I could it's that I would change main attributes (Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence) to be about fulfilling prerequisite set by your gear instead of being direct sources for your damage, like it is in PoE. Too often I would pick up a piece of gear and just immediately equip it unceremoniously, so I would prefer if there were moments of getting a new piece of gear, only for that to take away from attributes/give a higher needed perquisite, so I would need to go and craft a new piece of gear up before I could handle the new thing I just found. This piece of change could also give a purpose to off-attributes to your class (Intelligence and Strength felt useless to a Demon Hunter to me). That being said, I think Path of Exile has too much of that, where elemental resistances are also a stat about meeting a perquisite on getting it capped and providing little value after the perquisite is met, and refining a gear's gem slots takes way to long in that game IMO. So please don't consider me bias and a person that just wants to turn Diablo into PoE.

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This was just me giving a log of my experience, and I will be there for the next season. Next time I will play a Crusader, as I am curious about how these blocking stats will end up working out.

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