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I can’t seem to stop playing as a Barbarian, please convince me to play something else (Long post)

diablo3 - I can’t seem to stop playing as a Barbarian, please convince me to play something else (Long post)

I’ve been playing D3 on and off since launch. I have it on four different systems and have logged hundreds of hours. I’ve maxed out at least one of every class, in most cases, I’ve done it 3+ times.

When I stopped playing about a year and a half ago, I had a Barb on my PS4 that had nearly perfect gear. He was a beast but obviously a lot has changed since then.

I decided to buy it on Switch because I’ve always dreamed of having Diablo on a handheld. Since I’m starting fresh, I’ve been trying to play as other classes (no OP legendaries/equipment and what not like I have on PS4) but I just can’t get into them. Here are my thoughts on them, all around level 30.

Monk – I loved mine in vanilla since once you got to max difficulty, his defensive abilities were awesome. However I’m really not enjoying him this time around. I HATE the super short buffs and having to constantly refresh mantras and stuff like sweeping wind. His play style is just too slow paced with too much micromanaging. Highly doubt I’ll return.

Wizard – the other class I used to love in vanilla. I was enjoying her at first but I’m at the point where now that I’m playing on master (or whatever the highest difficulty allowed is before torment unlocks) I have to be more careful. Basically kite large groups and use the terrain a lot. I don’t mind this play style but the whole glass cannon thing can get annoying if you’re playing solo (which is what I do most of the time).

Demon Hunter – same thing as Wizard. I’ve never liked them too much since they’re basically just a super glass cannon. It’s fun hanging back and destroying groups when you’re playing with a meatshield but playing solo you spend more time running around than shooting.

Witch Doctor – hate them. I’ve always hated them since I initially thought they were supposed to be the new Necro. I gave one a shot to see if their abilities had changed but I still hate them. So yeah, this ones out for me.


Crusader – I had a super geared up one back when they first came out. I do enjoy them quite a bit but my only real gripe is that they’re basically a more defensive barbarian. Pretty much the whole time I was playing mine, I was just thinking about how I’d rather be playing my Barb.

Necro – I’m determined to eventually max out a Necro and get all the best gear. I like most of their skills and building a skeleton army will always be awesome. My only problem is similar to the wizard’s. Once I got to act 2, he seems to hit sort of a wall, I prefer to play on max difficulty and I find myself dying a lot but I’m too stubborn to just lower the difficulty. I’m sure this will change with a few more levels and some better gear but that’s what brings me to…

Barbarian – maybe it’s because it’s an easy class to play with in general or maybe I’ve just played it so much that I have it mastered but I find the Barbarian so damn dominant. With my setup, it has great mobility, survivability, and of course damage. He can absolutely tear through groups of enemies while also destroying single target bosses. Even with average gear and mostly empty sockets, I have no problem on master difficulty. He’s also a blast to play with other people who play as Wizards or Demon Hunters. I basically jump in, round up a huge group and we destroy them in seconds while they can pick off any stragglers. If you couldn’t tell, I prefer a fast paced, offensive-minded play style.

So anyways, please convince my to play something else. Tell me that such and such class is OP at 70. Explain your favorite skills and why they’re awesome. Let me know if there have been major changes to whatever class and my early impressions are wrong.

I honestly just want to play as something different since if I really wanted to play a barbarian again, I would just load up my PS4.

Sorry for the long post, I had a lot of time to kill.

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