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I feel Diablo IV will be underwhelming without the addition of Raids.

diablo4 - I feel Diablo IV will be underwhelming without the addition of Raids.

Alright, BEFORE you downvote- the title was supposed to grab your attention, hear me out here..

It's very clear whether you like it or not, D4 will be going towards the "games as a service" stance. Personally, i'm very excited for this and think its what the game needs to thrive now that things around us have changed quite a bit in video games. So while this won't be a discussion on whether or not having MMO elements in Diablo is a good or bad thing, this is a discussion on why I think they'll fall short unless we have some sort of raiding system in play for PvE content.

I feel the Diablo team is taking lots of elements from WoW and implementing them into their franchise, like mounts, world bosses, and keyed dungeons (basically M+). These are all GREAT additions to the game! If mounts work like WoW where there aren't many store mounts and you can farm areas/enemies for certain rare ones in your collection, thats awesome. More incentive to play. If world bosses drop some good rare gear or other cosmetic items to help push your DPS, amazing, something we can grind on the daily..but then what happens?

We wait for new world bosses to be patched in, get our BiS, and have nothing to do? More GRs? Keyed dungeons? Could you imagine if M+ was WoW's PvE endgame? It would get real bland, real fast.

When I think about D3 and the choices that were made to extend its livelihood (besides seasonal content), immediately I think about how it fell kind of short. We got RoS (which was amazing as an addition), and that's really about it. While the Necromancer pack was also great to have, it didn't really do much for the game. Where as, in my opinion, straight up adding a 10-16 player instance, dubbing it as a raid, having multiple encounters, requiring communication, and having that be the primary source of BiS for your class I feel would have people constantly coming back. I'm sure PvP in the game will have its own system, I fully expect them to just take what WoW does and cookie cutter it into the game, but if PvP has its own system/endgame, PvE needs one too.


We could get live changes to the open world, new raids patched in every couple months, more incentive to play than just rolling a seasonal character, and have way more than just 1 big expansion if D4 is truly planning on trying to thrive in today's market as a staple game.

I know everybody doesn't want change, and most people will just say to keep the current seasonal system for endgame content, but to be completely honest coming from someone who has logged around 3500 hours into D3, I think if they keep things the same people will just keep playing PoE. Not to mention botting makes GRs not very fun to grind out anyways and I think the system is kind of dated.

I also realize none of the above is solo friendly, and thats a big deal to a lot of people in the community..but the reality of it is the changes being made to the game are already not solo friendly. Its just the direction its going. I'd much rather accept that and hope its done right than complain about offline play. Again this is all my opinion, and a hypothetical discussion on what can be done to truly make D4 a good "service" based game with content we want to come back for.

Should a Raid system be implemented into the game? Would you be ok with just world bosses being patched in for "endgame" content? Should they just do seasons again and have us compete for GRs? What do you all think?

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