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I finally cleared GR115 Playing Shadow Impale. Come hear my story!!

diablo13 - I finally cleared GR115 Playing Shadow Impale. Come hear my story!!

Hello Again,

Let me tell you a little story.

It took me more than 3 weeks to be able to record this video, RNG was not in my favor this season and it took me ages to collect decent Items to push Higher Greater rifts but finally i'm there and i managed to clear 115 which is my Goal for solo pushing this season.

I farmed a better Weapon, Amulet, Quiver, Compass rose (Ring) and Shadow head for more than 20 days with no luck, i used Every way possible.. Rifts, Upgrading rares, Reforging and gambling .. i spent thousands of Bounty mats, Normal Mats and Blood Shards. until last night i finally reforged a Head with Dex/CHC/Impale% and i decided to go for a few attempts.

The weird thing about My DH that with about 1200 Paragon level and almost the same gear with little changes i managed to hit the leaderboard clearing GR114 .. but not 115, it seemed impossible .. i did so many attempts i wasn't even close so i decided to farm the missing gear i mentioned and get higher Paragon level.

Here is the Clear Video : https://youtu.be/mxO0Q-wd7zs .

Why i think this is a great deal?

■ Its my first GR115 ever:

(My goal was always to do 110 in all seasons i've played)

■ No perfect weapon.

■ No power or Conduit Pylons.

■ Low paragon Level:

(I checked the leaderboard and found out that most of People who cleared 114, 115 and 116 are sitting on 2k paragon level which is amazing i never reached that number in one season ever)

■ Low Level Augments.

■ Missing 3 Augments on my gear.

■ Ember The Rift Guardian scares the crap out of me:

(i really was Hoping to see Blighter as we had unfinished business from Season 13).

■ Missing Life per kill on my gear:


(Shadow Power scales greatly with Life Per kill and Leech passive but it felt really redundant to go for Leech since im missing a lot of life per kill on my gear so the whole rift you will see me vaulting like a maniac to avoid getting Damage instead of focusing on my Cold rotation and Hitting Elites)

I'm glad that i'm finally done with solo pushing this season now ill just log to my zBarb and relax hoping to find GR120+ groups.

Music list for those who's actually opened the video:-

Rob Gasser – Superhero (feat. Sekai)

Blooom GhostnGhost – Desire

Besomorph Coopex – Redemption (ft. Riell)

Aeden Harley Bird – Find A Way Out

Vosai – Love Of My Life

Character info:

– Class : Demon Hunter

– Build : Cold Impale

– Items set : Shadow Mantles

– Paragon Level : 1443

– Ancient Items : 8/12

– Primal Items : 1 (Ring)

– Augments : 9 Items = 896 Gems level Combined ( 4480 Dex )

– Gems : Full Defensive / Diamonds

– Legendary Gems : Level 118 Bane of the Trapped / 95 Pain Enhancer / 116 Gogok of Swiftness

– KANAI'S CUBE : Dawn / Aquila Cuirass / Convention of Elements

– Optimization level : Fair

– Skill Level : You tell me?

My DH: https://www.d3planner.com/909005911

Sorry about the long Post, i just felt like sharing

Have a good day all.

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