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I honestly can’t tell if I like this game. What am I missing? (Question/Criticism)

diablo11 - I honestly can't tell if I like this game. What am I missing? (Question/Criticism)

I got D3 on the Switch after seeing so many rave reviews. I really enjoyed D1 and D2 back in the day, and I was eager to finally dig into the next chapter, as I had never purchased on PC.

But this thing baffles me. I think there are a few reasons that by themselves are not so bad, but combined make me really confused and frustrated:

  1. The campaign is just so ridiculously easy. I'm playing a wizard, I'm about level 40 I think, Act III, and at every stage, I am just holding down RT, wasting thousands of enemies. I'm literally immune to damage, but I don't know why (Gear? Stats? No clue.). I've bumped difficulty up to "Master" (but I don't understand WHY I want more gold or XP rewards from this setting), and I have no clue what gear I chose that would make me this powerful. It just sort of happened without explanation.
  2. I have been reading many posts about this that just say, "cruise through the campaign until level 70 and then it gets good." I'm willing to do this…but it really bothers me that the game presents itself as a campaign, but makes ZERO indication that the first 70 levels are a tutorial. If I didn't take the time to read reddit constantly, I would just assume it's a bad campaign, and a weirdly un-balanced game.
  3. The blacksmith, gem, repair, reforge, and enchantment systems seem cool. I have zero incentive to use them because their value is not really explained, and I am ridiculously overpowered, even on Master difficulty.
  4. What I don't understand is: What happens after level 70 that makes the game good? It sounds like it's just about grinding for better and better gear, which let you play harder "rifts," which then give you better gear. Is this it? And is this post-story content? Is there a bigger goal for grinding gear?
  5. To be clear: I really ENJOY grindy games that have goals. By contrast, I'm currently playing Warframe, and I think it's absolutely outstanding. Incredibly obtuse and wiki-oriented, but there are so many systems and layers that I can make my own goals, grind toward them, and build very specific things in pursuit of those goals, which eventually lead to a grander "meta" experience.
  6. I want to believe D3 is like this….but 70 levels of LINEAR story where my choices don't matter at ALL? I have not found any side quests, activities, or things that make me go…"Huh, that's cool, I would like to explore that, or grind for something that is out of reach because I want it."

I'm loving Warframe because it teases systems that are out of reach, which makes me want to play more.


I have no clue what D3 is going to BECOME because it offers zero information or incentive to do anything but hold RT and vaporize enemies.

Maybe this game's meta offers something lots of people really enjoy, but it's just not for me?

That's OK! But D3 is demanding 15-20 hours of my time before it explains itself. My gaming time is valuable, and I feel like I'm spending it on D3 and saying "WTF?" in my head the entire time I'm playing, just waiting for things to matter.

TL;DR: Why do people love this game so much? What am I missing?

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