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I Just Started Playing Diablo 2 (MedianXL) and Holy Smokes is it Fun!

diablo13 - I Just Started Playing Diablo 2 (MedianXL) and Holy Smokes is it Fun!

So I just started playing Diablo 2 for the first time and decided to just go all in and get the MedianXL mod which is just a complete overhaul of the game. At first it seems so fast and crazy compared to the original game but after a while is just make sense.

I began my character in HC mode never had played Diablo 2 before and made it to Duriel before getting exploded. Round two I decided to slow down and be more methodical. Opened a trap chest at level 15 standing too close to the giant fireball that radiated from the box….death. Round 3 is my current level 20 Amazon. I figured out that I can farm tristram for the uniques I need. Made it to Andariel and about died but was able to kill her. Just starting Act II.


Overall I would give this mod and game an A+ so far. I mean the game is actually challenging. I can't just faceroll and have to plan my build/skills/gear wisely. Elemental resists actually matter and you never know what you're going to get into. I have had more fun in this game so far than I have had in Diablo 3 by a long shot. And you can't get the best gear from the cube vendor in town…great news!

Pick it up and try it out. I think there is a new version of MedianXL (Sigma?) coming out soon.

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