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I seriously just want some new content for D3 (or D2 Remastered)

diablo18 - I seriously just want some new content for D3 (or D2 Remastered)

Beggars can't be choosers, and right now, I really just want any kind of new content. New sets to pursue, some sort of new game mode (maybe endless waves, like the Jar of Souls event, but every wave is stronger until your party dies), I'd even be stoked just getting a new hub (either a proper hub in Heaven to represent Act 4, or maybe recreating Tristram from D1).

Of course, if I had it my way, we'd get our red-haired Druid back. As others have suggested, maybe a focus on spears, like the artwork always depicted him with, and obviously some sweet-ass shapeshifting. Better still, if the inevitable "Werewolf" and "Werebear" set(s) used custom, badass graphics, just to spice it up a little.

Or hell, maybe even a playable Horadrim, a lost member of Deckard Cain's original order, with more of an Ancient Egyptian theme?


For the hell of it, what about even a new follower or two? Maybe one that PURELY exists to buff you (for those who want to play TRUE solo, without Unity), or even just replacing the existing ones with cooler versions (ie. The D2 Paladin, now older, in place of the Templar, the Assassin in place of the Scoundrel, could make for some cool lore or dialogue).

Maybe even just a wrap-up to Leah's story, seeing what becomes of her soul? Would be sort of cool to see what became of Aiden, too. Maybe that's fodder for "Diablo 4's" story, but I'd honestly doubt it, so a bit of closure would be cool.

Also, for the record? I would totally support paid cosmetics. For example, turning my Barbarian into an Orc, or my Necromancer into a proper Death Knight (provided Frostmourne or a Runeblade could be transmogged over the Jesseth set). Tyrael's Angelic armor for the Crusader, maybe?

Either way…

It just feels like kind of a Diablo drought, and I am NOT coping very well.

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