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I think this would be good for D4 Itemisation ( Real Life Bases)!

diablo9 - I think this would be good for D4 Itemisation ( Real Life Bases)!


First i would like to say that i apriciate the Fact that the D4 dev's this Time really seem to listen and change the itemisation and other Systems acording to Feedback, i am glad the Itemisation starts to look more D2 like and a little bit more complex and interesting . Like that the Stats are back, Really like that Skills will have Stat Brakepoints for special effects, will probably like the Revisioned skill tree with better and more interesting Clusterisation, and i Hope all the Passives are meaningfull an impactfull for Build Customisation because every class hs so few of them….

I personally like the changes regarding to Itemisation, that they are bringing back Uniques, that they will try to make all Raritys Potentially BiS depending on the Build you make. I like that the Items start to have theyr'e own attack speeds and Implicites….

I think Itemisation is, like Bariga at blizzcon 2019 at the reveal said, one of the moste important aspects and systems of an ARPG…

I would like that the D4 Devs Consider making Real Life base types of Items,1h swords (shortsword,Saber,Basket, broadword Hook sword,Gladius, Katana) 2H Swords (Zweihander, Claymore, ODachi…) , 1H and 2H Axes, Bows, XBows, Armors ( cloth, leather, sturded leather, Chainmail, pLate mAil, Breastplates adn so on), Jewelery…..


Make theyre models ingame look like the real world counterparts…. Make raritys look slite different depending on the Rarity of item…

Example…. 1H Falchion, Normal looks like normal Steel and or Rusted, Magic stainless steel, Rare maybe with some ornaments or gravings, Legendary maybe Damascus, and Uniques could be the Devs special flavored Unique take on the historic pieces of Weapon and Armor…..

Every Base could have his own Implicit depending on Type…

I am afraid blizzard will have it streamlined too much, like all 1H wands will have % crit strike chance and all 2h Staffes %resource regen…. Wouldnt it be much better having like 5 bases of 1H wands each with theyre own special implicite ? Falchions, Sabers, Gladius, Shortsword each having its own Special Affix…. All 1H and 2H Axe types each with is own special affix and attack speed… It seems like blizzard will have like all axes have Bleed chance as special affix…. maybe i am Wrong who knows, they didnt show more than one item base of each Type…..

Imagine a 2H zweihander has allways a% range of chance of culling strike as an implicite but has slower attack speed than a 2H claymore or Ogachi, a 2H Claymore has %chance to reduce armor or Defence for a certain amount, Ogachi %deadly strike and so on…

This would again make Item Bases much more Valuable for crafting, You would like to choose the Implicite you would liek for youre build….

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