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Like the title says, I want a Diablo mmo, ala WoW/SWTOR. Kind of a combination of the two.

I miss the standard mmo genre, and I’m well aware it’s slowly fading. BR’s aren’t my thing at all, and while looter shooters are fun and the ones that have raids certainly keep my attention, I just miss the 25-man raid experience with dedicated healing and tanking.

Diablo has a wealth of character classes to draw from, not just D3, but the return of the Druid and Assassin would be in my imaginary mmo. Classes would break down something like this:

Barbarians – Obviously able to tank and be melee damage dealers. Yes, this is a WoW Warrior and SWTOR Knight/Warrior.

Crusaders – Able to tank, deal melee damage, and heal. Yes, this is a WoW paladin or a SWTOR Consular/Inquisitor.

Monk – Able to tank, deal melee damage, and heal. I envision the tanking as very similar to the SWTOR Shadow/Assassin.

Witch Doctor – Able to deal spell-based damage (more solo style), or deal minion-based damage, as well as heal. If Bounty Hunters in SWTOR could heal, why can’t these “bad guys”?

Druid – Able to tank, deal damage, and heal. Yes, this is a cut and paste WoW Druid. Take out the Cat form and make the damage options more streamlined.

Demon Hunters – ranged archery damage, basically unchanged from how it is now. (It’d be the first class I make)

Wizard – ranged magic damage.

Necromancer – Able to tank (Bone spec) ranged spell damage, bone damage, curses, etc. Very much a WoW DK-Type character.

Assassin – melee damage. Your stealthy rogue type character.

This imaginary list gives 3 classes that can do all 3 traditional roles (Crusader, Monk, Druid), 3 classes that can fill 2 roles (Necro, WD, Barb), and 3 that deal straight damage (DH, Wizard, Assassin). That’s a pretty healthy set of options, and could make for an interesting mix of raid teams.


As far as gameplay, worldbuilding, questing, etc, I’d like to see a Star Wars style emphasis on each class, where you play through your chosen classes set of missions on the way to max level. You could add in general world-quests at each hub for all classes to do as well. But an emphasis on something that matters more to the players chosen character would really help immersion. Just a pipe dream, we all know it would be going out and each class collecting 15 raptor bladders and 5 decapitated goat spleens.

Raid bosses? Heck, you’ve got a ton. Good ol’ Diablo himself would be your first vanilla raid boss, but there’s no end to what you can do with raid bosses. The world of Diablo is very open like that. There’s also solid opportunity for a “Heaven has turned against us, invade heaven and kill the angels” type of raid, that would be great too. Save that for a future expansion 🙂

Now, gearing is where I’m gonna lose you, if I haven’t lost you already. This game places massive emphasis on farming legendarys and beyond, but the gear system in this more traditional mmo would need to be scaled back to your standard white-green-blue-purple-orange/whatever style. I’m just not a fan of the current Diablo loot system, personally. If you love it, hey, more power to you. What I will say that D3 does well, that this imaginary mmo could add to it, would be the wise swath of class-specific gear sets. Set bonuses are a massive part of most raid culture, and you could do some fun stuff with that.

Classes, questing, gearing, what else did I miss? Let me know your thoughts, and thanks for reading this poor man’s poorly put together thoughts.

INB4 “just go play WoW”

Also INB4 “never gonna happen.”

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