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Idea for new D3 content that could actually be implemented

diablo10 - Idea for new D3 content that could actually be implemented

These ideas are presented with the hope that they could actually be implemented, meaning they are intentionally simplistic and use existing assets and technology to this end. I know we all want huge sweeping new changes and content but we need to be realistic in our expectations. With that in mind here is my idea for a bit of new content that could extend the life of D3 through the (hopeful) release of D4 and beyond.

The Black Soulstone has been shattered. The shards falling over Sanctuary are tearing at the very fabric of reality. Portals between Sanctuary and other realms have begun appearing within the ancient rifts threatening to spill forth those horrors into Sanctuary. Orek has charged the remaining Nephalem to seek these fractures out and close them before they become permanent. Find and enter these unholy dominions to purify the filth within and save Sanctuary once again.

**The Splintering of Sanctuary**

Within Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts portals will appear that will take you to a random event out of the list of possibilities below. In NRs the portal will appear randomly but since GRs are timed the portal will appear with Urshi upon completion of the rift. These are not guaranteed spawns. In a GR you’ll 100% know if one spawned or not since it pops at the end, however in a NR only full exploration will provide you with the knowledge of a spawn. I am unsure of the actual spawn rate but something in the 40-60% sounds about right, difficulty should not have a bearing on spawn rate only on drops similar to materials in live.

At this time I think limiting them to rifts only prevents the pitfalls of having them pop up during bounties and the issues that would present.

These random events will have special materials that will go in the crafting tab that can be used to enhance existing crafting options and even new ways to craft items. It allows for additional customization and build planning knowing you can focus specific upgrades.

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I am using a portal instead of placing these events randomly in the map due to the relative ease of implementation. The tilesets for the events themselves can be totally random or have a smaller thematically appropriate pool to choose from, whatever is easier. Regardless the events are not meant to be a huge tileset but more like some of the bounty portals now, 2-4 rooms with perhaps the random ‘hallway’ or a slightly larger open ‘forest like’ tileset (but not as large as weeping hollow).

Standard disclaimer- all numbers are totally made up and can be adjusted as needed. We’re just Blue Skying it here folks! Enjoy!

Types of Portals

Hall of the Ancients- drops ancient slivers. Use 100 in a legendary reforge transmute to guarantee an ancient result.

The Red Crypt (rarer spawn than ancient) – drops primal slivers. Use 100 in a legendary reforge to guarantee a primal result.

Wisdom of the Nephalem- Upon completion you earn a bonus similar to a pool of reflection that is 100% XP gain and persists through death.

Cracked Prism- drops Urshi’s Clarity. Use X when upgrading a gem with Urshi to increase success chance by X%.

Shen’s legacy- drops a randomized Hellfire amulet for your class upon completion.

Vecin’s Vision- drops Allmother’s Blessings. Use 100 when enchanting gear to guarantee resulting stat (roll is still randomized).

Land of Whimsy- drops Rainbow Dust. Use 100 with a puzzle ring in Kanai’s Cube to open a portal to Whimsydale. (Perhaps also with increased chance of Princess Lillian to spawn).

Bandit Run (rare spawn) – area that contains multiple bandit shrines and/or goblin packs.

Forges of Doom- drops Hellish Ash. Use 100 with a rare, blue or white item in the cube to produce (30, 20, 10) forgotten souls.

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