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Ideas for Diablo 4 and Future (Big Read)

diablo10 - Ideas for Diablo 4 and Future (Big Read)

Hi, my name is Philip and like so many others I am a Diablo fan viewing Diablo 2 as one of my favorite games ever played having played it several times on multiple occasions. Last year’s Blizzcon (2018) I was hoping to hear something big regarding Diablo, either a second expansion to D3 or D4 being announced. But what we got was Diablo Immortal. The idea of a Diablo mobile game isn’t a bad idea but it wasn’t what I was hoping for and could have been a good extra thing alongside something bigger.

With no big Diablo announcement for the second year in a row it made me wonder if Blizzard had any ideas or if they had been putting it too far to the side. Regardless of what was true and not it got me thinking on what ideas I would have for a great Diablo game and for the coming weeks I thought about that. After a few month I had enough ideas gathered for the basis of a game which I was proud of and made me excited. But this created a problem in the form of a want to share it and getting it seen as well as the “what if” I tried feeling which could turn into the “what if” I had tried feeling. So that is what I did. I tried to find a way to get my ideas seen by the right people without having them seen by the public.

My first attempt was through twitter thinking I could send a private message to the people connected to Diablo or Blizzard that I could find. However this did not work as I had hoped but I tried regardless.


My second attempt was through applying for a job at Blizzard at any of their open positions within their “Diablo UNANNOUNCED PROJECT”. At the time (May 15) they had 10 job openings within the Diablo team and I applied for them all using my down written ideas as the bulk of my resume. I wasn’t qualified for any of the positions, except maybe 2 (Narrative Designer & Senior Quest Designer), but the point was to try and get my ideas to the right people and hopefully get some kind of responds. To my knowledge this also failed though all I got was automated responses saying my application was denied and since I had no verification that my ideas had truly been read or even seen the “what if” feeling remains. Which is why I am here.

This is my last attempt. Not so much to get my ideas seen by the right people but to make that “what if” feeling disappear. Now these are my ideas for what I think would make an awesome Diablo game but I am fully aware that it won’t be for everyone. As with any Idea you can’t ask everyone to like it but you can hope that a majority will and a minority wont. The ideas I am posting here are what I sent to Blizzard but with some extra added explanations on some parts since I felt it was needed here and I didn’t want to make my “resume” too big on over explanations. Feel free to read them if you are interested and if you do I’d like to thank you regardless of your opinions.

Character building:

  • There should be a talent tree system and a stat allocation system like in Diablo 2. 3 trees per class and each tree should have its own identity if possible and include offensive, defensive and passive options.
  • To compliment this Talent tree structure I have thought of a “Training system” where as you play the game you will encounter NPC’s that depending on your class will offer to train you in their skills. Agreeing to this will give you the option to replace 1 of your starting skill trees and in turn give you access to new abilities, changing your playstyle and your characters identity. Through this system you are able to have both the Paladin and the Crusader in the same game where Paladin is the starting class and Crusader is what you’re able to train into. You are also able to make some interesting new mixes (If lore holds up).

Example: Say that you’re exploring the world and find a NPC who is an Old man. Talking to him reveals that he was once a Crusader giving you some lore and perhaps a small side quest. But if you’re a Barbarian talking to him he will also mention that he has always admired the power and strengths of the Barbarians and thought that if they learned the skills of a Crusader they would be the most powerful Crusaders of all. So he offers to train you what he knows giving you the option of becoming a Barbarian-Crusader with all the possibilities that implies.

Example of starting classes and “Trained” subclasses:

Assassin : Demon Hunter, Phoenix (Elemental Martial arts), Shadow Arts

Barbarian : Crusader, Earthshaper, Berserker, Shapeshifter Bear (Male & Female)

Paladin : Crusader, Demon Hunter/Exorcist, Iron Wolf, Thornes/Martyr, Phalanx

Druid : Wind Speaker, Shapeshifter, Shaman, Tree Speaker, Magma, Lycanthropy

Amazon : Valkyrie, Demon hunter, Oracle

Sorcerer : Pyromancer, Thundermancer, Cryomancer, Chronomancer, Aquamancer, Arcane, Melee, Iron Wolf, Witch (Female), Warlock (Male)

Necromancer : Blood, Bone, Flesh, Witch (Female), Warlock (Male)

Witch doctor : Spiritcaller, Fate Painter, Witch (Female), Warlock (Male)

Monk : Elemental, Spirit Guardian

(These subclasses are essentially unique class gimmicks I could think off. I can go through them all but that would be a bit much as well as they all depend on how the base skill trees look and what gimmicks they have.)

<> The Amazon class should be a Female only class and to make it symmetrical there should be a male only class as well and I believe Druid is the best choice with the explanation that only male Druids can shapeshift due to them being closer to their primal side. (Monk would have been more logical but D3 had female Monks and I liked them more than male Monks.)

  • Your chosen abilities can also be upgraded with Gems. Each skill can only be upgraded by 1 Gem and the number of skills that can be upgraded at once is limited (“2-3”). Each Gem gives a different effect and each class and subclass takes use of different Gems for said effect so more types of Gems exists then what 1 class uses for this.

Example: Ruby = + Dmg, Topaz = + Power lvl (counter), Sapphire = – Cost, Diamond = – CD

Rare Jewels (Like in D2) or Epic Gems (Like in D3) can be used instead of a normal Gem in certain skills and has the power to change the ability’s function just as Runes did in D3.

  • Characters will have a set amount of active skill slots (“4”) as well as a primary and secondary action. The secondary slot is another active skill slot and the primary will be your auto/default attack which will be dependent on what weapon you have equipped and how (1h, dual or 2h). Each weapon type will represent its own attack profile for each Class and subclass.

Example: A Barbarian using a two-handed sword will have the same attack profile no matter what two-handed sword he/she uses but swapping to a two-handed axe will represent a different attack profile. (Attack speed should be the only difference between different weapons of the same type but range/reach could also be one that affects the attack profile).

Most Classes/subclasses only have 1 attack profile per weapon and weapon setup but some have more as well as some high end weapons (Legendary & Rune Crafted) could have access to unique attack profiles.

Example: The Iron Wolf subclasses for Paladin and Sorcerer has access to a weapon setup of Shield+1H weapon with the weapons being Sword, Mace, Dagger, Scepter (Paladin) and Wand (Sorcerer). They have access to attack profiles of either melee or ranged attacks for their weapons.

All characters will have access to 2 weapon loadouts that can be swapped between in combat (like in D2). Weapons can be copied over to the secondary slot so that there is no need to farm for 2 of the same weapon if the same weapon is wanted in both loadouts. All weapons equipped should be shown on the character at all time. Swapping loadouts will swap the primary and secondary actions giving the ability to swap between different attack profiles (primary) and different skills equipped in the secondary action slot.

  • Gear will serves as a compliment to your build rather than the basis for it like in D3. Gear will mostly give stats that increases various effects like a specific damage type or certain skills lvls (like in D2) and could also combine effects by adding 1 to another. Some Gear/sets could however change abilities and thereby open up less conventional builds or skills.
  • Crafting will exist through NPC’s in the world (Artisans) but unlike D3 they won’t follow you. They will have their own stationary places throughout the world and each serves its own art and specialty. (The Master Weapon smith is in one town and the Master Armor smith is in another)

Example: * Alchemist: Potions (Healing, buffs, status effects), bombs (Explosive, fire, ice, poison, Holy water)

<> Holy water is an effect that slightly burns the forces of dark (Demons & Undead) and slightly heals/protects the forces of Light (Angels & most humans) as well as boosting the effects of Holy Spells increasing their damage or healing to targets under its effect making it a great tool for characters using Holy type abilities.

* Jewelcrafter: Upgrading Gems and crafting Jewelry

* Blacksmith: (Not sure how to make it work, yet, but maybe a version of D3s)

* Enchanter? (Maybe or just put her functions at the Blacksmith. Reroll + Transmog)

* Runecarver: Upgrading Runes and crafting Rune Word gear


  • The gameplay should be similar to that of MOBA/Battle Arena type games. Your character has its base attack (primary) that is open for use all the time and then abilities in the form of area targeted and skill shots that are open for use as long as you have the resource for it and it is of cooldown. This shifts the game to be more tactical and strategic rather than just spamming 1 ability and reactional gameplay. Having this type of gameplay structure also opens up the possibility for a structured PvP system.

Examples of PvP Modes: Duels, Arena, Capture the Flag, Conquest, MOBA and Battle Royal. (I will make a brief explanation of the BR and MOBA mods at the end.)

  • The game shouldn’t have a selection of difficulties but rather just 1 that is directed to being hard and challenging. The enemy will act smarter rather than walking straight towards you hoping to hit you before you kill them. Instead they will block, evade, flank and use other various tactics to engage you. Enemies will range from small grunts that aim to rush and swarm you to stronger foes that are more methodical. Champions and Elites have their own unique models, rather than being glowing versions, and will be even harder to kill. Bosses serves the greatest challenges with sometimes multiple phases.
  • “Combo Effects” should exist where you have the option to combo your abilities if played right to do extra damage or use your abilities when the enemy is in a combo field.

Example: Enemies standing in water or whom you have used a water ability on takes extra damage from lightning but reduced damage from Fire.

  • “Combo Counters” is another system where you can counter attacks with attacks and play defensive through offence. If an enemy attacks you can counter that attack through defensive abilities or by using a similar offensive ability into it. Depending on your ability’s power level your attack will either negate, block/parry, alter or fail to affect the enemy’s attack. Melee abilities will have a slightly reduced combo effect and damage and defensive abilities has a higher power level for blocking than offensive abilities but even they will fail to negate or block if their power level is too low. This system can not only be used to counter your opponents but also to combo with allies.

Example 1: Enemy Sorcerer casts Arcane Orb at you and you cast your own Arcane Orb into it. The power level of both attacks are equal resulting in a massive arcane explosion where they collide.

Example 2: Enemy Amazon casts Ice Arrow at you and you cast Arcane Ord into it. Your Arcane Orbs power level is much greater resulting in it negating the Ice Arrow, creating a small ice explosion at the collision and continuing forward in its path.

Example 3: You cast Arcane Orb towards enemy Barbarian who casts Bash into it. Your Arcane Orbs power level is slightly lower than the Barbarians Bash resulting in and arcane and physical explosion towards you in the Barbarians hit direction.

Abilities can affect 3 areas: middle, above and ground and abilities can only counter if they affect the same area. Most defensive abilities will affect multiple areas and most offensive abilities will affect only 1 area.

Primary attacks have a minor power level.


  • The world should be bigger and more open. Double the size of D2 and D3 areas so that it allows and rewards exploration but at the same time keeps a narrow path for the main story. If you know the story you can play through it quick but if you want to explore then there is a lot to see and find. Areas are connected to each other with some connecting to multiple rather than being placed in a line. Some sections of areas are locked until quests are complete and other sections can also change once quests are done.
  • Each area will be randomly created through “chunks” pieced together in various ways creating the area. Chunks can either be quest/area related and will always be in or non-essentials that offer new exploration points which are randomly selected. The area is then pieced together with the chunks connecting in random ways.
  • The main quest will follow a path with some side quests being within said path but most can only be found through exploration outside of the main path. These side quests are found through NPCs and objects, like books and scripts, and some yields the option to “Train” as a reward. No “?” or “!” people have to explore to find.
  • The artistic style of the game needs to be darker and more gothic like D2 was and terrifying to look at and play. The game is about the forces of hell and has to truly be dark to portray it. It needs to be a true M-rated game.
  • The world of Sanctuary has evolved slightly. Cities has been rebuilt past the events of D2 and D3 with some flourishing. But the events of D1-D3 has left there scars making the world darker with political corruptions, cult followings and some worshiping the powers of hell.

<> Cities and towns will have Taverns, Inns and Bars that function as hub locations to meet up with other players and chat, ask for help and join up into parties. Each hub locations will show a limited amount of players, so that they don’t become overflooded, but everyone online and in the game can chat with each other there.

(I had ideas of the world becoming a bit more modern and industrial with steam being experimented with and some factories existing but I don’t think it fits at this moment in the world of Diablo. Gunpowder however should exist.)


  • 30-50+ years have passed since D3. During which the lords of Hell have all resurrected and had a civil war in hell. Time in hell works different and as long as there isn’t a connection to the other realms (Sanctuary or High Heavens) time passed in hell is much longer than the time passed on Sanctuary. When the realms are linked the time is the same. Tyrael is now old, new Cain, and has during the years worked both in Sanctuary and the High Heavens. In Sanctuary he has worked on strengthening the Horadrim order in secret of the world of man.
  • Hells invasions during the events of D1 – D3 has left its marks on the world of Sanctuary and influenced the world greater then what the High Heavens has done. Hatred, lies, terror, pain, anguish, sin and destructions rules the hearts of people turning the world darker and strengthening people’s dark volitions. Cults and ritual killings, political corruptions and executions, witch hunts and murder. Heaven realizes this and discusses once again if it was right to spare Sanctuary and if they should destroy it now. Imperius leads the discussion and it creates disarray in the high council. Diablos seed has burst (“Wrath animated short”).

<> During the game the player will face the dark world of man, the forces of hell and some forces of the heavens.

<> All 7 great evils will be present as bosses: Mephisto, Diablo, Baal, Andariel, Duriel, Belial and Azmodan. They aim to finally take over Sanctuary once they see how their presents has molded it already.

<> Imperius will be a boss when he decides to take matter into his own hands and purge Sanctuary.

  • Lilith, now trapped in the Void, will during the game trick the player into freeing her and once free she will take over Hell and be its ruler. Afterwards she will set out to take over Sanctuary and try to awaken the power of her children, the nephalems, to be her army.
  • The player will journey into hell itself at multiple occasions and at one point find the tortured Anarius and accidently free him. Anarius connection to the Worldstone never left and when Tyrael destroyed it Anarius felt great pain. But Anarius still feels it and because of this learned that the Worldstone can never truly be destroyed. Once the Worldstone is “shattered” it merely reappears in a different place of reality but during its brief absence the reality of that world changes. There are also multiple reality’s each having its own Worldstone and Anarius senses them all. Once free Anarius sends out to find the Worldstone. Anarius draws power from the Worldstone and aims to bend reality itself to his will again.

<> In D1 it was a band of 3 adventurers that stopped Diablo, in D2 it was a band of 7 that stopped the forces of hell but in D3 the official lore should be that it was only 1 champion that saved the world, the Nephalem, and his/her companions. Due to there being multiple realities it means that the Nephalem is different in each reality but it is always just 1 who saved Sanctuary. The D3 Nephalem hero is stronger than the D1. D2 heroes.

In “D4” however the official lore should once again be that it is a band of heroes working together.

<> Lilith, Anarius and the Nephalem will be end game bosses.

(This story arc is meant to be played over a base game and 2-3 expansions)

Battle Royal:

<> Rift Wars: Picture a big circle that is divided into layers with each layer being divided into sections. The sections decrease in numbers the further in you get until there is only the 1 middle section left. Players aim to progress through the layers by finding a portal in their section leading into the next layer while also collecting loot and XP in the section they are in. All the layers will after a time slowly crumble from the outside in and get destroyed killing everyone still in them unless they progress in wards with the last section also crumbling and killing everyone. Only a last survivor, the champion, may escape with his or her life.

All players start in a random section in the outer layers (3-4 players per section). Each section is randomly created with random biomes. Within each section there will be loot and XP cashes in forms of chests, barrels, weapon/armor racks, scrolls, shrines and more. There will also exist NPC monsters that offer rewards with a challenge ranging from small easy monsters that offer minor rewards to elites and champions all the way up to mini bosses that offer the greatest rewards for the greatest challenge. It is up to you to decide if the risk is worth taking though other players can also jump you and try to either kill you or steal your kill. But monsters will not function heavily on agro but will see every player as an enemy and attack whomever is closer or is the bigger threat.

With the loot and XP players gather they build their characters just as they do in the normal game but with some restrictions like a lower lvl cap and simpler items that are ranged into categories (Exp: stat heavy, +skill heavy, ranged damage, melee damage and hybrid) having different rarities increasing the stats. With the XP you get you level up and get skill and attribute points to allocate within the base structure of your selected class. Shrines, scripts and tombs can be found easy or through challenges like puzzles that give you XP, skill points or the possibility to learn a subclass or reset your build.


<> Fated Reality: The character build structure is the same as in Rift Wars but instead of finding items and scrolls you buy them from your home base or secret shops with gold that you get from killing mobs and enemy players (Just like normal MOBA’s). Unlike normal MOBA’s though your camera will be locked on your character and you won’t have a minimap that shows what is happening so team communication will be very important. You can fast travel to locations via waypoint portals that have a cooldown after use.

The map designs are that your home base is a human town guarding a pure Worldstone and on the other side is a Demon stronghold housing a corrupted Worldstone. Your goal is to destroy the corrupted stone before the Demons destroy the pure stone. Outposts are placed outside the home bases that needs to be destroyed before you can progress. The maps needs to be mirrored since players will always view themselves playing on the Human side and the enemy being skinned to play as the Demon side.

Maps could have an extra objective that once finished helps your side.

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