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While anticipating the rumored announcement of D4, I've recently pondered a lot on what I would like D4 to be. To calm my excitment a bit, I've decided that I would share my desired vision of the game so we could see on which points the community agrees and disagrees with my POV.
To make this post more readable, I've separated the different aspects I could think of in different sub-sections.

English isn't my first language, some sentences could be a bit more difficult to understand sorry.
Wall of text incoming, no TL;DR.

– Graphics:
For the visuals of the game I would like it to be realistic and dark in the genre of Wolcen but even more grittier. I felt like the direction Blizzard took with RoS was pretty good atmosphere wise (see the bloody cathedral, whatever its name is). But, the major thing that kept it from being really great was the overall cartoony graphics the game was made from. For the view, I'd obviously want a isometric POV as I feel this is one of the defining trait of a diablo game.

– skill/classes:
I'll start by saying that I understand having well defined classes is an important features of diablo games. But, I think having rigid defined borders also limit the amount of possible builds that can be made. That is why I believe blizzard should implement a sort of soft multi-classing system in the genre of DnD. Here, I'm not talking about a barbarian summoning skeletons, I would see this more with mechanically adjacent classes. For exemple we could see a necromancer and/or a druid summoning zombie bears instead of skeletons/bears, I could picture a barbarian being able to shape shift into a bear, an assassin using hand crossbow and javelins, a wizzard casting poison skills, etc. This could work either as a sub-class you learn along the way or a big skill tree in the poe style where we could branch out in the adjacent trees. In the end I believe this style of skill/class system would allow for a plethora of builds without being locked behind class sets.

– story:
I'll preface this section by saying I really did not like the direction the story went in D3. For me being the ultimate hero/god destroyer of all isn't that much fun. Yes I want to feel powerful but not invincible, and lets be fair, destroying all the prime evils at the same time (malthael) is a bit overpowered. In a way, I feel like they went the WoW route where your character is like a god and the sole savior of the universe. This is also a complaint WoW players have had for quite some time.
So for D4, I would like to see a big step down in power, much in line with D1/D2. It could easily be explained by Lilith doing something to strip nephalems of their powers and slowly their powers would return but dampened.
With reduced power the most we could fight would be 1 prime evil at a time. This, I believe, would also let the devs come up with more end game content. As an exemple, instead of just adding ever more powerful godly beings as bosses they could add powerful demon bosses which are way more logical story wise than just inventing some super evolved prime evil shenanigans.


– end game:
For the end game, I would really like if they can come up with different activities/mechanics. Nephalem rifts can stay, as long as it doesn't infinitely scale like it does now or if it does, the loot mustn't scale to the point it is now in D3. In addition to the rifts, I'd like if they could add some viable bossing as a way to farm equipment. One other thing people would probably appreciate, is if they add some kind of raid boss and if they go the “game as a service“ way, then they can add a new raid every 6 months or so. The important point being that every piece of end game content mustn't give marginally better gear than other end game content.
End game wise they could do wild, one thing is important though, we need multiple activities.

– Loot/gear:
Loot wise, I'd absolutely want a step down from the overabundance of legendary we get in D3, but I'd also like to boost the number we get in D2. This would make the legendary drops signifiant and exciting. I feel like rune words would be a good addition but I also wish they wouldn't be the BiS for everything. A good balance between, runewords, legendary, sets and yellows would be great.
As it stand, D3's builds are either LoN based or class set based. With LoN, you can pretty much benefit from the use of any legendary you wish to use (this is great), With the class sets, on the other hand, you're pretty much starting your build with 4-5 slots already taken which limits creativity.
One last thing, do not limit legendary abilities/skill to specific classes!!!

– Social features:
It would be great if there were hubs where you could talk with others, trade, challenge people to pvp and start any pve mission/quest from there. I also think the game could benefit from having a clan space where clan members could decorate to their taste. It could be a place like the bastion keep where you are under constant attack by demons. This could let clans battle hordes of enemies to maybe make their bastion bigger or unlock bastions cosmetics.
More than 4 people per game is a must.

– monetization:
Now monetization wise, there is 2 options that I would like to see. The first one, game would be 60$ upon release with full access to the released content. Following that, every year, they could release a 20$-30$ expansion that would add content. People who do not wish to buy the expansion could do so and keep their access to whatever content they previously had.
Option 2 is to have a free game on release with cosmetics mtx only. The cosmetics would absolutely need to respect the genre/atmosphere, by that I mean no unicorns, butterfly wings, etc. Exemple would be, blue fireball instead of red, different looking armors, barbarian leap landing animation changed so the ground crack/explode, necromancer skeletons wearing pieces of armor, etc. With that they could sustain a continued flow of content coming while generating income. People who do not wish to spend money could do so while having access to all the content.

I've probably forgot some important aspect of the game, feel free to le me know and I'll update my post. Thank you for reading, I'll be watching replies to see how you guys would like Diablo 4 to be.

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