Diablo 3

If you are tired of Diablo for now try Wolcen on this steam sale

diablo2 - If you are tired of Diablo for now try Wolcen on this steam sale

The steam sale is upon all PC players and will be a great time to get the Wolcen. I have been playing it quite some time and so far the game is amazing.

Every weapons has a moveset, amazing freedom in builds and the game is just breathtaking to look.

The performance is very stable and I haven't had any issues so far. I have an i5 4670K and GTX 1070 6gb. The game is running butter smooth for me and so far no bugs.

As of now the story is bare bones and the world is under construction with proper lore explanations and characters.

For an Alpha game this game performs really good, you can find videos by Diablo YouTubers covering Wolcen and so far the game is having a very positive review.

The game also has an active discord which can be joined from the Steam community discussion section. The discord is very active and devs are also very active and reply to you directly.


The game don't offer a online mod now and it will open up in beta in early 2019. Limited online sessions have happened in the past multiple times and one just got over recently and it had a very stable performance.

If you are looking for an old school type ARPG with amazing modern graphics and sound then Wolcen is for you.

There are no character classes and you as a player define your Playstyle. The game is also a bit difficult especially the bosses and also offers a Dodge system based in stamina.

If anyone is looking for a new adventure give Wolcen a try you will love it, the more players the more merrier it is.

Thanks all

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