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If you only played D2 by being rushed, and leveled in Cow/Baal runs, please read this before asking for nerfs to the difficulty of D2: Resurrected.

diablo17 - If you only played D2 by being rushed, and leveled in Cow/Baal runs, please read this before asking for nerfs to the difficulty of D2: Resurrected.

Like all video games, there is a learning curve to D2. A basic example would be using antidote/thawing potions to make certain fights easier. There is a reason why the first two Act bosses deal elemental damage that can be mitigated by a cheap potion. Heck, Andariel can be killed with Fulminating/Exploding potions relatively easily. Another learned skill is knowing how to approach monsters based on your character build, the surroundings, and the monsters' own capabilities. Would you sit in a doorway versus a boss pack of Vampires (the guys who can cast fireball/firewall/meteor)? No, of course not. But that might be the right strategy versus a bosspack of melee monsters. A final example is knowing niche items that are seemingly useless, but may be difference between life and death. The runeword 'Nadir' (made in a 2-socketed helm with Nef+Tir) has 13 Cloak of Shadows charges*, one of the most powerful crowd control skills in the game. You can repair the helm as many times as you like, or use a horadric recipe to recharge it if you run out of gold.


What I'm getting at is if you never had to learn how to play the game because you were always rushed through it by a high level character, and then sat in cow/baal runs and used very powerful runewords/sets/uniques that were mostly found by botters, please don't be a part of the inevitable cohort that asks the game devs to make the game easier because you are still unexperienced at actually playing the game, start to finish, with a variety of builds. Play the game, learn the game, and you may find that it is fairly well-balanced in a world without bots. Obviously there are some exceptions, but for the most part the game can be completed with a huge number of builds with gear only found by that character. And having access to a worldwide b.net for trading and help means you will have innumerable chances to improve your gear far beyond what is actually necessary to complete whatever part of the game is a roadblock.



Now, what I'm not saying is that there couldn't be improvements. Some skills are useless because of bugs, or simply being underpowered. And Kaa the Soulless is sometimes straight up unkillable by some builds with the right combination of boss-mods. But I kinda like how insanely strong Kaa is, it's fun to see and strategize a way to take him on 😛 Same goes for Hell Ancients, but you can reroll them as many times as you like by simply creating a TP. And I'd personally love to see some more mid-level runewords.


It's just I've seen quite a few highly upvoted posts here asking for changes to the game that go far beyond QoL or making more builds viable. It seems clear to me that many people may be familiar with leet gear/builds, but are unfamiliar with what strategies are effective to actually beat the game w/o an over-inflated economy and the ability to make a game called 'RshMe4Forge'.



TL;DR I'm not saying 'git gud, scrub'. I'm saying, take a chance and enjoy D2 from start to finish w/o rushes and baal runs. Read a few online strategy guides. Try out a non-meta build. You may re-discover the game as I did.


*edit: Whoops. Level 13 cloak of shadows, 9 charges.

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