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Imperius will be the villain in D4 at some point.

diablo20 - Imperius will be the villain in D4 at some point.

I decided to re-post few of my posts from D4 sub here since there's just more people here and I like to hear people's ideas.

This is all just a prediction/speculation so don't take it too seriously, I just personally believe it's very likely to happen and I only post it here for fun and to one day see if I got anything right.

Imperius was supposed to be the main villain of D3:RoS originally. He is also the reason for everything that happened in Diablo games. In a short animation it's shown how Imperius and other archangels capture Diablo, and they explain that they could simply imprison Diablo forever and win the eternal conflict, because if they kill him he'll just be reborn. Then Diablo taunts Imperius by calling him out on how Imperius is driven by wrath and how other archangels would learn the truth about him, and then Imperius goes crazy and kills Diablo, enabling him to return and cause all the stuff we players have to deal with. So Imperius is literally stupid, and he caused most of the evil that has ever happened in Diablo games. We also know he voted for humanity to be destroyed, and he really doesn't like us.

We know heaven's gates are closed in D4 at the moment which makes me believe that either Imperius is trying to reform heaven into his "inquisition" against humanity, and he's waiting for the perfect moment to strike and defeat all his enemies at once. And what better moment could he possibly choose than somewhere at the end of D4's main story? Humanity is already at it's weakest point but Lilith and Hell are growing stronger. There's definitely going to be some conflict between Lilith and Hell in D4's main story. I think Imperius is waiting for Lilith and Hell to weaken each other with humanity caught in between everything and then strike with his "angelic inquisition" of radical angels who believe humanity needs to be destroyed just like demons. I think it will probably happen in an expansion and not in the base game. And personally I would love to see it. I think it makes sense, and it could be an excellent expansion because we would actually have to fight angels for the first time, not those corrupted "reapers" from D3:RoS, but actual "holy" angels. I believe it would be a very different and really cool experience.


So this is vagely what I think will happen. Now how would I like it to happen – I would like D4's main story to end on a cliffhanger with Auriel or just a random angelic messenger warning us about Imperius. Whenever the expansion would release we would learn that all this time heaven's gates were closed Imperius tried to take all the power for himself instead of sharing it with the council who recently has proven to be in favor of humanity. And from the perspective of Imperius it would make sense – from his point of view, he wanted to destroy humanity, but the council didn't listen and in the concequence Diablo became the Prime Evil and almost destroyed heaven and all the angels. The Nephalem defeated the Prime Evil and later Malthael. So Imperius by now must be even more convinced that Humanity is too dangerous to exist. (Btw he's wrong because we know that the archangel of fate saw the outcoe of the eternal conflict from the scroll of fate and we know who wins.. Hell wins. But what the scroll couldn't predict was the fate of humanity so effectively we know that if humanity wouldn't exist hell would definitely win, when humanity does exist it's unknown who will win. We're the wild card.) So at that point we would learn that this entire time there was a power struggle within heaven that later escalated into an angelic civil war. It makes sense that vast majority of angels would follow Imperius, so he would definitely win. That's when Auriel warns us and the invasion happens soon after. We would need to defent few places, some or half of the expansion would happen in Sanctuary and then whenever we start winning we would take the fight to heaven. We would basically help the "good" members of the council and the "good" angels fight Imperius, we would win and that's pretty much it. Well that's one way I can see it at least. The other idea is that in order to keep the story more down to earth, Imperius would only have a few followers, and he would send them out in secret we would later discover and ultimately fight few cool angelic bosses and kill Imperius at the end without ever "saving heaven" because I think it's good to keep the power level of our character (story-wise) in check. But that's just 2 ways of this happening I came up with right now, my main prediction/speculation is still simply that – we will kill Imperius in D4 at some point.

I'll also use this post as an opportunity to put some other random predictions and speculations just because why not.. maybe if I get something right I'll get to brag about it one day:

– I think Necromancer will be released but will not be one of the 5 starting classes simply because I think Blizzard will want to keep a class with summons away from the game's release when the servers are most vournable. I'm also afraid Necro won't have as many summons as some people would like because blizzard will be designing this class with server stability in mind.

– I think the yet to be revealed 2 classes are a Paladin and some non-magickal ranged class (They keep changing it, it was the Rogue, then it was an Amazon and then it was a DH so it will be something like that, I personally think it will be a Rogue.)

– After D4 was announced I thought we'll get it in late 2022 but then covid happened.. I will still leave my prediction at late 2022 but uh.. it might be 2023.

Edit: – Malthael is dead, maybe also Tyrael. I think 2 new archangels will replace them and Imperius will basically "raise" them to be on his side, giving us players 2 cool angelic bosses to fight.

Edit: – We will also fight Inarius 😛

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