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Important Questions I still have about D2:R

diablo5 - Important Questions I still have about D2:R

1) How will the Annihilus Charm be handled? I expect the same as before, mechanically, but… is the behind the scenes architecture still the same? Are there still going to be X servers with Y static IPs to pool SoJ sales on? Is D2 easy enough to serve that literally everything is going to be on one or two IPs? Will the process have any changes?

2) Multiple Accounts. Back in the day, I had many accounts; accounts were free. It was the actual client that required the unique CD Key to run. I had a single account that was 8 unique paladin builds, and three for storing junk items I sold for P. Gems. Many accounts, dozens of characters. How is this going to operate in today's environment?

3) Multiple Clients. Aside from making it exponentially safer to mule if you could just run a secondary client, I got into the habit of rushing all of my own mules to the Hell Hellforge. Is this going to be possible in D2:R? I assume it'll be as simple as requiring a second license. Additionally – are Accounts and Clients still going to be separate as they were originally?

4) Bugs! My initial thought was that all bugs that exist today will likely exist moving forward too. But then there was that patch in, what… 2016? The one that fixed the "Ith" items, or some such. That kind of puts forth precedent for fixing some easy and obvious bugs, like ebug'd armor. Or some more interesting ones like "forbidden skills" and fused uniques.


5) The character sheet. Is this changing at all? I always remembered that panel being referred to as the "LCS" – the Lying Character Sheet – because it didn't really reflect damage numbers accurately at all. I know there are updates to the panel so it has far more stats, like totaling your Magic Find, but accurate damage numbers and whatnot might be neat!

6) The economy. This is perhaps the thing I am most interested in because of how everything has changed since 2000. Slow forum trade pages are going to be replaced with Discord servers and community trading apps, I've no doubt. But also, there aren't going to be hundreds of thousands of duped runes floating around to lower the rarity and trade value of these things. But, there also is the chance that there will be more people playing Diablo 2 this time around than ever before, flooding the market with more items while simultaneously increasing demand. Is there willingness, post launch, to tweak things if necessary?

7) The future. There will already be D2:R Classic and D2:R LoD – I would pay money for an eventual D2:R Beyond that just adds more toys to play with; more Runewords, more Uniques, more events, etc. This isn't a question. I just love the idea of even a Diablo 2: "Neverwar" sort of expansion that is completely outside canon as an excuse for more.

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