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Improvements I’d like to see in Diablo 4

diablo20 - Improvements I’d like to see in Diablo 4
  1. Rarer items. It’s much more fun using a good but not BiS item for a week or month or more while you search for that BiS item than it is to get all BiS items on day 2 or the first week of a season for casuals and then only ancient versions or better rolls of the same items are upgrades. It should be fast to gear to a usable level for your play style, but the truly godly items like Griffins eye, Enigma, Infinity should take a long time to acquire.
  2. There should be a near endless experience progression system to not feel like loot is the only thing you are going for, but people with 4000 hours shouldn’t have a big advantage over those with 400 hours from playtime alone. Paragon is way too meaningful and eventually xp is the only thing worth farming for which is boring. It took ages to get to level 99 in d2, and there was some benefit but not crazy. Level 98 to 99 takes 150 hours alone if you play most efficiently with no deaths. A single death could set you back 10 hours of exp. death was meaningful but not crazy as at the end of the day level 95 vs 99 doesn’t make that much difference and that was cool
  3. All item classes should have the potential to be useful. In D2 some white, grey, blue, unique and set items were used as the BiS items for the best end game builds. This adds more skill to the game and rewards players for deeper game knowledge. Knowing what to keep and what to pick up and where to farm for the best items and how to play most efficiently really separated the good players from the average and set the skill cap of the game much higher. Also it allows for some truly godly rare rings, amulets and boots that outclass uniques to be a perpetual motivator to keep up the item hunt when you already have great but not the best gear.
  4. I like the innovations of greater riffs and arbitrary difficulty but I think there should still be a set hardest difficulty of campaign mode that is the ultimate challenge like OP8 UVHM for BL2 or /players 8 Hell for D2. These are totally optional in both games and most players should never expect to beat them but for those willing to put in very long hours and a lot of strategic thinking they are possible.
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I like D3 a lot. The colorful cartoony graphics, super smooth animations and fast paced gameplay are awesome. The potion rework, skill bar and a plethora of QoL improvements are big wins over D2. But ultimately D2 got loot and itemization a lot better and has more longevity. When I pick up D3 I usually play 1-2 weeks max in a season before I’m bored as only very minor upgrades exist and arbitrary difficulty means I’m fighting the same Grifts just with higher numbers floating everywhere and I don’t care for XP grinding.


Basically I think D4 could be the perfect game if they combine D3 graphics and combat with D2 loot, itemization and difficulty

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