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In regards to the Assassin design change in D2 Resurrected.

diablo2 - In regards to the Assassin design change in D2 Resurrected.

So I dunno if people noticed, or I guess that there are just more important things people want to talk about which is understandable.
But her design has been more drastically changed than others in that she now wears pants in her base model.
There's an example here: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eu_9u25WgAQNNBE?format=png&name=240×240

But in the trailer you can see a before and after too where she wears what I assume at least is the same gear, in the interview with MrlLama they also called it her base model and showed it.

My issue with this is that when I create a new Assassin for the first time I want the colors to look as familiar and nostalgic as possible, if you compare the Resurrected model with the original here https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Eu_nnzcWQAA6rT7?format=jpg&name=medium you can see how it pops more out of the environment because of the brighter color of her skin in contrast with the black and the background.
The Resurrected version doesn't look as nostalgic to me as the other characters do because of this, and remember that this applies to some of the gear too which ultimately means less visual variety.


It also wasn't changed with the Barbarian, Amazon or Sorceress.
People are kinda meme:ing about how the Sorceress '' lost her underboob '', it's not something I take particular issue with because the colors and overall silhouette still line up.
And that's ultimately why I see it as an issue with the Assassin for example and not the Sorceress, Barbarian and Amazon.
Because the colors still match, the Sorceress still has the green and the skin tone in the correct places, as well as the others.
When I start a Sorceress what I am immediately seeing on screen will line up correctly with the original.

I still think it would've been a concern but it would've been less of a concern perhaps if this was consistently done to all of them.
But the fact that it's ONLY done to the Assassin bothers me more and brings more attention to it imo.
It's just such a random and arbitrary change which I think ultimately is supposed to be avoided.

For example if they changed the color of Akara's cowl to just pure black so her whole silhouette was black instead of purple on top.
You'd notice and it's just unnecessary and doesn't invoke the nostalgic feeling as much.
Or Kashya and her red cowl, it'd just look wrong if it was changed.

I am a bit hesitant even on mentioning this, because I know how people tend to react to it.
Understand that my concern is just for the game to be as accurate as possible.
I am 27 now, I've basically played D2 for almost as long as I can remember which means 100's of Assassins.
When I start a new Assassin I just want things to look as familiar and nostalgic as possible.

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