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[Information] LoN Thorns Necromancer Poison: BUILD & RG MECHANICS.

diablo1 - [Information] LoN Thorns Necromancer Poison: BUILD & RG MECHANICS.

A lot of people here are confused how the LoN Thorns RGK Necromancer works and the mechanics behind it for top tier (GR 140/145+) pushing. This is understandable ‘cause it’s not intuitive for the majority of the player base. This build is pretty reliant on knowing RG mechanics and how different RG skills proc Thorns. A lot of people like to keep some mechanics a secret and I’m not really sure why. It’s a dead game and people still like to hide stuff.

I’ll explain VERY briefly what I know and hopefully that helps some of you.

Most Important Fact About This Build: DO NOT DIE OR PROC TO THE RG. If you die or proc during the RG, you will lose all of your Bone Ringer stacks and it will absolutely kill your ability to deal any kind of meaningful damage.


Mechanics: The entire build revolves around Thorns damage (obviously). Basically, the RG does some sort of attack/skill/animation that *HITS* your Command Skeletons and gets reflected back. That’s it. I’m not a numbers guy, I don’t have or know the numbers. I just know how it works.

Build: Why the Nayr’s weapon in cube and how do I make use of it? If you look at the LBs, almost all of the Necro RGKs are running Nayr’s in cube and then a bunch of poison skills. Basically, during RG you keep up your poison stacks from Nayr’s weapon (each one gives 100% damage) and last 15s, so you don’t have to spam. You pop Land of the Dead for an additional stack when you’ve stacked enough BotS and a good animation (read below) is coming up. At the same time, you don’t want to spam your Bone Armor – Dislocation because you mights tun good animations by accident since the rune stuns. You mostly want to keep it up for your Bone Armor stacks and use it when RG completed an animation or you know that hitting it won’t stun anything.



Now, let’s get into which RGs are good and which aren’t. I will disclose this information to the best of my knowledge.

I’m sure there are some reading this and wondering why they tried the LoN Thorns Necro, it did absolutely no damage. Well, I’m here to tell you that the build requires a lot of knowledge to pull off. Check Pastebin below for RGK mechanics for this build.



Good luck, Nephalim. If any of you have any new knowledge that you want to share, please feel free to post and I will update.

English is not my first language. A lot of this was done with the help of a friend and translator. Sorry for any kind of grammar mistakes!

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