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Is GoD Yang better for pushing in s22 than Dawn+Valla? Yang frame gap issue, and stat comparison

diablo11 - Is GoD Yang better for pushing in s22 than Dawn+Valla? Yang frame gap issue, and stat comparison

Here's how the theory goes – the GoD 4pc effect has a 9-frame internal cooldown, and if you're below the 1.6667 APS (attacks per second) breakpoint, you Strafe at 9 FPA (frames per attack) which means you reach the optimal 9 frames per HA. With Yang + 9th Cirri with 15-19% IAS, with no paragon points in IAS and none from gear, you hit 1.61-1.666 APS. Yay.

But here's the problem: the GoD 4pc effect is triggered when you hit with Strafe, not when you fire. So if you fire and then travel toward your target and fire again, if it's 9 frames between shots it could be less than that between hits (or more if you're traveling away from the target). Or if the first shot is at an enemy that's far away while the second one is at a closer enemy (though I don't know how Strafe chooses its targets; maybe it always picks the closest one).

Average 9 frames between Strafe hits means if you get an 8-frame gap, the next gap will of course be 9 on average which means a 17-frame HA gap. 9 or 10 frames between Strafes means 9 or 10 frames between HA's. How does this work out in practice? Does Yang with 9 FPA actually work more or less like you'd want it to, or will you get frequent ~17-frame gaps?

With Dawn+Valla you'll be at 2 APS which means 7 FPA so you should get on average one HA every 14 frames, except that Valla creates additional Strafe hits by piercing which gets you probably very close to 9 frames per HA if you're in a big crowd, but doesn't help at all vs single targets. Some people use the Rocket Storm rune to create additional Strafe hits – idk precisely how that works out.

Stat comparison

Assuming perfect rolls, Yang+Cirri gets you +50% RCR, +10% crit, +15% HA damage whereas Dawn+Valla gets you +130% crit dmg, +10% CDR, +2000 vit, +4% area dmg (Cirri only rolls 20). Yang also has 2452 avg weapon dmg vs 1952.5, an increase of 25.58%. Note that weapon DPS and sheet DPS are affected by attack speed which favors Dawn+Valla, but what we're interested in is frames per HA.

Yang also switches out Elusive+CoE in the cube for Hunter+Rorg, and equips Crimson belt and boots/pants for +20% CDR, +20% RCR, 6000 lps, -dmg taken equal to your RCR, +dmg done equal to your CDR. Despite this latter effect, assuming you get CDR from Flavor of Time, you should probably swap out the shoulder CDR (effectively +3.3% dmg) to +15% life. Maybe at super high paragons you should keep the CDR and also prefer +10% dmg on both weapons to 2k vit.


CDR: 10% para, 12.5% helm, 8% FoT, 20% crimson(=42%) or 10% Valla 8% shoulder(=40%), effectively a 3.4% CDR difference because of how CDR stacks.

The effect of crit on dps is simply a factor (1+(crit percent/100)*(crit dmg percent/100)). With perfect rolls you'll have 54% and 610% dual-wielding or 64% and 480% with quiver. The effect of the extra HA damage on quiver is 1.45/1.30 since you have 30% from other pieces. Yang also gets the 42% from CDR, while Dawn+Valla gets the 50% on average from CoE.

Dmg mitigation from Elusive: 0.4 multiplier. Dmg mitigation from Yang + Crimson + paragon RCR: 0.5*0.8*0.9 = 0.4*0.9 = 11.1% more toughness. I'll assume +15% life on belt but not chest, plus the 25% from paragon which means the 15% extra on shoulders yields a factor 155/140.

  • Comparing dmg from weapon damage, crit, +% HA, CDR, CoE all together: +25.8% for Yang. If +10% dmg instead of 2k vit, +14.3% instead.

  • Toughness from mitigation, % life, vit, assuming 5k non-weapon vit: -12.1% for Yang. If 7k non-weapon vit: -4.3%. If +10% dmg instead of vit: +23% for Yang.

  • Frames per HA, assuming no Rocket Storm: for Yang, depends on how things play out as outlined earlier. 8/9/10 frames between Strafe hits => 17/9/10 frames between HA's. For Dawn+Valla, ~9 (big crowd) to ~14 (single target).

  • Bane of the Stricken (just realized lol): apparently the ICD is (54 / sheet APS) frames, rounded up. For Yang this is 33-34 frames depending on Cirri's IAS roll. For Dawn+Valla it's 27 frames. Only the first hit per attack applies it (and only to the first enemy hit). Idk exactly how it would work out but it seems fair to assume that Yang has a ~36-frame gap (4 attacks at 9 FPA) and Dawn+Valla has a ~28-frame gap (4 attacks at 7 FPA), so Dawn+Valla gets ~28.6% more Stricken stacks.

  • Other stuff: Yang has -4% area dmg, +3.4% CDR, +60% RCR, +6000 lps. Yang doesn't have to worry about keeping up Elusive, and has the (advantage/disadvantage) of even dmg instead of having intervals with triple dmg from CoE. For pushing, Yang could maybe pick Boar or Wolf instead of Prep? Dawn+Valla fires manual HA faster for applying Momentum.

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