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Is the infamous Netease free to play Diablo clone, endless godly regions (无尽神域) fun or lousy game? Here’s the details.

diablo2 - Is the infamous Netease free to play Diablo clone, endless godly regions (无尽神域) fun or lousy game? Here's the details.

First of all, its ranked fluctuate between 180 to 134 on IOS after 45K downloads, nothing to scream about.


Next, there are lots of micro transactions ranging from 6 Yuan to 648 Yuan, its like 90 cents to $100, mad price fluctuations, designed to milk new inexperienced gamers.

  1. 荣耀礼包 ¥6.00
  2. 若干晶钻 ¥6.00
  3. 史诗礼包 ¥68.00
  4. 18元礼包 ¥18.00
  5. 传奇礼包 ¥128.00
  6. 1元礼包 ¥1.00
  7. 12元礼包 ¥12.00
  8. 海量晶钻 ¥648.00
  9. 6元礼包 ¥6.00
  10. 少量晶钻 ¥30.00


The reviews of app on ios is close to 5 but it could have been a marketing tactics deployed by Netease to increase their ratings by using fake reviewer. This is possible because from the other site linked below, we see a very different story.


There are around 75000 downloads of the app, based on 1002 reviews, the game is only slightly above average score and that is according to Chinese gamers' standard which is pretty low already. So suffice to say, the game is mediocre at best.

Complaints of the game ranging from game character moving too slowly to severe lack monsters having elites class and unique ability and become very repetitive after a while, lousy weapon customization and no graphics of equipped weapons shown on the Character's skin, etc.

The worst complaints are the ones regarding the hyper inflation price of items in the game's auction house, yeah the very same feature that ruined D3

And here's a video of how Diablo fans think of that clone.

So the gamers are correct to show fear and concern about Diablo Immortal if this game serves as an example of the quality of Arpg games that Netease produce. Will Netease improve with Blizzard help? Maybe but will their main source of monetization or micro translation link to some hybrid forms of Auction house again? Very likely I believe.

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