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Is there an unconventional build that you really enjoy?

diablo5 - Is there an unconventional build that you really enjoy?

Maybe it's not top tier or whatever, or able to run gr 1,900, but it still maybe holds a place in your heart for whatever reason? Maybe it's just really fun to play, or it's nostalgic, or whatever. IF so post your builds here for others to try!

For me, it's the Blood Nova Necro. There's a LoD build of this, but I actually prefer the build with Inarius set. I started playing around with the Inarius set and tried this particular build and lay out, and was like wow I'm doing some decent damage. It was the first build I tried that wasn't in the top icy veins builds. I didn't read anything or look up anything, I just messed around with my different gear and skills and was like hey thats not bad. Of course I did discover a build like this did exist, but mine is a lil different.

If anyone wants to give it a shot, the build is this:


All 6 pieces of Inarius
Dante's Binding belt
Ancient Parthan Defenders bracers
Krysbin's Sentence ring
Unity for DR or Lornelle's Sunstone or Briggs Wrath is also nice as it can round up uncursed enemies into your blood nova spams.
Haunted Visions or Wisdom of Kalan (wear one cube one)
Gems i use Stricken, Trapped and Gogoks, or you can use enforcer maybe for the sims? haven't tried that yet.

Gear you want CDR, Area Dmg, increased death nova dmg, armor, intelligence, vitality, critical hit chance and dmg, attack speed.


Scythe of the cycle and Iron Rose

cube: Bloodtide Blade, Golemskin Breeches and either Haunted visions or Wisdom of Kalan


Skills – Frailty – Aura of Frailty. Command Golem – Ice Golem (Great for freeze and as a krysbin proc, plus with the cubed pants you get damage reduction and CDR on the golem. You can pretty much spam the golem freeze fairly often with enough CDR which is great crowd control) Blood Rush – Potency. Simulacrum – Blood and Bone (these guys will remain with you with the haunted visions, and blast foes with their own nova melting trash mobs) Siphon Blood – Blood Sucker. (With the Iron Rose, you cast a free blood nova as long as you channel Siphon blood and this is where your dmg is gonna come from along with the simulacrums) finally bone armor – dislocation another great krysbin proc added with your bane of the trapped aura, plus it's needed with the inarius set for the dmg boost. keep an eye on it and pop it when necessary cuz Scythe of the Cycle causes more dmg while bone armor is active, but also reduces Bone Armors duration by a few seconds. Still though, its not hard to keep up just pop it on a new group of enemies whenever you can.

For your passives, I like to use Commander of the rising dead for extra golem cooldown, swift harvesting for faster blood nova spawns, (although you can switch this for something else if you want, like maybe the cheat death passive, or blood for blood maybe) Spreading Malediction as im cursing a lot with aura of frailty, and finally i use Stand Alone for extra armor bonus.

The rotation is really simple, cast your sims up, then use bone armor on a clump of enemies, use freeze golem when needed for stun and just spam siphon blood and you and your sims will nova the piss out of everything. Aura of Frailty constantly stays up, and use blood rush for mobility. If you find you dont need the extra dmg reduction or cooldown for the golem, you can switch the pants in the cube for the boots that allow faster movement speed after casting bloodrush. I prefer the extra cooldown and DR though. 🙂

Again I can't run through really high GRs, (Maybe 100?) its definitely not top tier, but it's something i came up with on my own so thats prolly why I have fun with it so much. If anyone has any ideas or tweaks to the build please feel free, and please feel free to post your own builds that may not be godly but you for whatever reason really enjoy!

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