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diablo10 - Item Affixes in D4

The item affix pool is something that probably haven't really even addressed yet. I know that there is a lot of criticisms of the type of item affixes available, and on which item rarity they appear, but that's probably something they haven't returned to since a few quarters ago. Nonetheless, I want to get in my opinions on the subject before they specifically address this. I know we were thinking item affixes when they said Itemization, but it looks like they meant to address item rarity and different item types having specific characteristics (e.g. axes causing bleed damage).

Crit Affixes:

This is a very powerful affix (both crit chance and crit dmg), and it's one that completely destroy build diversity as it did in D3. The main reason for this was that it was an extremely common affix that could roll on almost all item types throughout the game, and if it didn't roll on those items, then they were worthless. It is incredibly important that they treat these affixes with caution, and limit the number of items they can possibly roll on, so that it becomes a very rare affix as it should. The rarity of an affix should be proportional to how powerful it is.

For example: Crit Damage should have a baseline of 50%, and Crit chance at 5%, meaning when you attack, you have 5% chance to deal an extra 50% of your damage. Adding crit damage to that should be hard to do, with only legendary/unique items adding to that crit damage. Crit chance is something that might be able to roll on rare amulets, with other Unique/Legendary item types able to roll. Crit damage should be scaled to cap at +150%. Crit chance, with heavy investment, could cap somewhere around 70%.


The key to preventing only crit-based builds being viable, is to limit the amount of crit damage, and make it hard to max out crit-chance/crit-damage, doing so leaving the build weak in other aspects (low survivability, low amount of non-crit damage).

General item affixes:

The item affix poll should move from generally applicable to specifically applicable as you move towards the end of the item rarity spectrum.

E.G.: Magic/Rare items should have affixes that could affect a players build across ALL classes. There should be no +% efficiency to particular class skill on these items, should only be things like +% elemental/physical damage, + to base stats, + to all skill ranks, +life/resources, etc. Things ALL classes have in common.

Only Legendary/Unique items should be able to roll affixes that would affect specific parts of their builds, so these might roll affixes that, for example, give + to all sorceress fire skill ranks, + to a specific class skill, or increase Fury generation (as opposed to mana generation).

I LOVE the direction they're going with item rarities, but they really need to cement the differences in function/useage of each item type.

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