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Just gonna say it, screw the purists

diablo2 - Just gonna say it, screw the purists

Because most people don't know how to read and scream at the title theres a classic option in here, god damn now I know why devs and CMs dont say things and dance around words

I played d2 back then and I've played on every mod (Median, PoD , Pd2). I play d2 all year (different seasons)

What I was excited for resurrected WAS balance changes, QOL improvements hell even a new act or xpac?!

I know we can still make and play mods but this was a chance to bring new life into d2, just make a classic mode for the purists to go play on. I know a majority WANT changes from most people I play with, I really wish they will reconsider the 1:1 being scared of purists. I promise they are the small vocal minority.

For the purists just let them have a Classic mode.

Case in point: log on LoD without mods then log on any mod and see who has more players.

Edit: Got a lot of hate/ love on this, just consider even Dave said there was another expansion to follow LoD, is an X-pac for a 20 year game insane? To most, well yeah, I just think d2 Resurrected would be great to break that wall down. To those saying go play d3/wait for d4, you didn't read what I wrote. If blizzard north could of kept going it wouldn't have died at 1.14. It WOULD OF had an expansion and dave even said MANY times there was so many QOL changes that they couldn't implement at the time, That's what I'm getting at. We're not gonna get into Immortal yes I was just as mad, lorewise it could connect (It's between d2 and d3 for those that do not know). If it was up to me Dave the schaeffer bros etc would be on(with VV), Which quite frankly I don't understand why they aren't, considering the immortal fiasco and how much of a hell of a PR move it would be. To the people saying they should start at 1:1 with the minor QOL, I 100% agree. Wow hammerdin MF sorc -enigma,infinity runewords for 20 years. and only the same builds for 20 more years you want. Mods simply improve what the game was lacking QOL/Staleness. A page out of their book could give great context on the community and thoughts.


It also seems like a lot of you just read the title and skipped the Classic option i listed. If you want classic with updated graphics, great! hence the classic option, there will be a nostalgia cash grab first season, but you purists think one breath into it will keep people around, It'll for one ladder (new players especially for the community.) Or we're gonna go back to square one with nobody, fast. To those who haven't been playing for 20+ years an attacking me, This isn't for you, you're just a couple month ladder launch tourist (It's harsh but true.) To the people giving real constructive criticism, no problem with yall.

And a fun jab at the people who dont want auto gold pickup, you missed that Unique you were dying to have because you didn't pick up gold and it didn't show as a drop yet because of the clutter and ran past it. It's also happened many times to you when you killed Mephisto and he didn't drop anything because he wasn't on the grid. Go re-read the first four words in this paragraph.

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