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kinda want to start a season character, not sure what to go for

diablo2 - kinda want to start a season character, not sure what to go for

not a massive diablo player, mostly use seasons as an excuse to start new characters, get a nice set going while my interest's still with the game, then wait till next season, basically do it again. what do you guys think i'd like? EDIT: also thinking of going deeper into the season journey to start getting more inventory tabs in storage, though i assume they're all gonna be somewhat good for that.

i mained wizard, and built up my meteor rasha/firebird set myself, and pretty much used seasons as an excuse to get into other characters (except for the DH, worked on building it's sentry focused outfit myself)

so, i like the idea of starting a new character, essentially, but not sure which to aim for. one of the only ones i don't have a good start with's the crusader, but then, i kinda don't like crusader.

not terribly concerned about the most kickass builds, really, just ones that might be more 'fun' for the most part, and probably tends to be low hassle/maintence.

for example, i've got my wizard with 6 tal rasha pieces, 2 firebird pieces (second revive), etched sigil, deathwish, grand vizier and nilfur's boast, using piercing orb, shock, arcane torrent, arcane, meteor, meteor shower (mostly because it's different from the fire meteor that follows) and frost hydra (not optimal, i know, but i like it, so eh), basically popping hydra, using piercing orb occasionally, but mostly channeling arcane torrent. since a hydra's out already, and piercing orb doesn't use resources, it'll auto cast meteor near constantly, which i really like (big fan of meteors)

that's kinda about the only character that's more or less, done, without aiming for ancient/primal gear.

the others i have are, a monk with the inna's mantra stuff, basically went for the full 10 mystic ally thing, which i do really like, kinda wanted to do some sort of explosive fist/SSS combo with it, but eh. kinda fun to just have the allies walk all over every foe i run across.

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my barbarian, went with the whole wrath of the wastes, bul-kathos's oath weapons, "you spin me right round" whirlwind setup, which i think is also more or less done, too, skull grasp, zodiac, unity cubed, seems more or less finished… kinda like being able to more or less, pop war cry, battle rage, call of the age for an additional unity effect all of the time, pop wrath of the berserker for harder elite foes, ignore pain for a 'oh shit', and basically spin to win.


again, a partly done DH i got the gear for myself, if the next season's that outfit, will probably just do it and give whoever i want the name to be's gear and delete the other DH. doing that multiple sentry, each sentry can use some of your skills and increases damage a lot build.

last season, went with WD, because i really like the spider theme of spirit of arachyr. firebats, locust swarm, corpse spiders, and actually using two different weapons and offweapons, the harvester/hive combo, and manajuma's way for angry chicken spam maybe (also, could've sworn it had the whole zodiac thing going on, too, i know it's set up to cooldown skills if enemies are killed, but it's not got that on atm, so hell knows, hadn't played it since last season was a month young)


looked at them myself, and while idealistically i feel i should do crusader just to get the character with a great set, eh, i just don't like crusaders. i haven't seen a build i really feel like i jive with, yet, and that thorns damage looks a little too static to be really good, but for all i know, it's literally walking through foes, and scales nicely.

kinda like the look of earthquake barb, dunno how 'fun' it might be, though.

monk does look interesting, i even like sweeping wind, used it some with my monk, especially since i'm more or less just walking through foes with my own army of clones.

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dh, dunno, i mean, it's not like i got a full set/build going for them anyway, but i kinda don't like the melee ish style shadow seems to imply. constant 35% damage decrease or 30% move speed due to shadow power seems nice, though. a legendary that lets you fire extra knives, and the ricocheting knives does sound like it'll just tear through mobs with little trouble, though…

not sure about WD, either. heard jade's a pretty powerful build for WD, but iirc that build's not really all that much different from what i'm doing with my arachyr doctor, anyway, so what would be the point? (plus, JUST did WD).

and wizard, definitely dislike the way firebird build works.

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