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LAW Clan – Recruitment Post (US West)

diablo9 - LAW Clan - Recruitment Post (US West)

Hey everyone,

Who I am?:

My name is Inciter, a old-school legacy Diablo player that has a lot of passion for the series. I’ve even written a couple posts here and there like this one: (https://www.reddit.com/r/diablo3/comments/5mx15q/general_tips_advice_from_a_diablo_veteran/). You might have scene me around in the forums from time to time. I do what I can when I can to pay-it-forward and help my Clan and the community whenever able… and that’s what LAW is all about.

Personally, I love D3 Hardcore, believe its where the heart of the game exists; the exhilaration, the thrill of pushing content at the risk of everything you've invested into your character. Somehow, Hardcore feels like it validates that you've earned your toon. Even if you’re Softcore, please let me know if you need anything. Even if I can’t answer your question directly, I can help guide you to the person/information you need.

Who LAW is:

LAW is a cross-title Blizzard (primarily) Clan. We have a following in Diablo, Overwatch, HotS, WoW, SC2 and more. In D3, we're a mix of Hardcore and Softcore players ranging from Elitiests to Casuals. Our only rule is: Be respectful of everyone's own ambitions & time! Do that, and you’ll be sure to find players with similar goals. While we're accepting of anyone from anywhere, most of the Clan is from PST timezone on US West. The Clan is really respectful of individual play, in-case you like to roll solo, as well; however if you ever need help… we're there when you need us. Just ask, we're all friendly and like to push ourselves and each other.


We also have a Discord server so you can find plenty of people on anytime to hang out with for group content. We're actively recruiting Hardcore Players interested in playing Seasonal content.


This should go without saying, since its Hardcore, but we're all about helping others… help themselves (i.e. teach a person to fish, they can eat for forever). If you need some help but can't bring the DPS, please build a zDPS setup so everyone can benefit from the buff Strength in Numbers (The Armory is a useful tool for building a simple group DPS/zDPS build). LAW is about pushing yourself to your limits, while having fun and helping others along the way.

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If you're interested, we'd be happy to have you. Hit me and I can toss you any invite.

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