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Less is more approach towards D4

diablo9 - Less is more approach towards D4

I wish they approached with philosophy "less is more". In a lot of things…

  • Music is one example. I dont need grandiose and epic music. Simple acoustic guitar, flute or even just basic drums can be perfect for specific setting/atmosphere.
  • Less quest dialogues and overall chatter during quests.I always liked Rescue Anya quest from D2. It was always rather long one but so much fun. Or Nihlathak.
  • Not so often saturated scenery with anything related to demonic presence, gore, violence, death and despair. Do it subtly with variety so I could appreciate it more when I encounter it, but do it like we've never seen before. Shock me.I feel Sanctuary should be pretty in certain parts. As much as Sin War was not best example, as a reader I always imagined the scenery to be beautiful.
  • Damage and defense numbers; as much as I am good with numbers and are part of my working everyday life, I'd still feel it would be right if they decreased those numbers and made it miniscule in the endgame compared to what we're seeing currently in Diablo's latest itteration. Give those number feel of significance. 10 000 can be extremely high depending on the context and perspective. This applies to the currency as well. Nobody likes to have bajillion gold. If its possible, make it mean something. But economy is far more complex than "just do it", shall leave it for some other time.
  • Less dropped flashy items aka Legendaries (preferably named Uniques). Let me appreciate the drop. Even if its a low tier (as a collector) or if its not for my class. It might make me create that different character and love the game even more.
  • Less flashy characters. Flashy characters draw away from the game atmosphere. A fine subtle glow over the polished sword would mean much more in the sea of "cheap" and "rusty" looking swords.
  • Microtransactions will be unavoidable. Please for the sake of all gamers out there, don't make microtransactions apply to the characters we create in game. What I mean by that, people that are all for immersion, do not want to see others with some ridiculous outfits and silly looking dress combinations that do not fit the setting. If you make the transactions for mounts, do not make unicorns and such, different stash box, different caravan…There are many possibilities to implement microtransactions and not take away the immersion.
  • Lore. Again, make it subtle. Let my mind and my imagination think what is behind the certain elements of the story. Give me hints, do not give me complete picture. Sometimes is ok. What I mean by that is, sure, give me the perspective of NPC's (common folk in the Sanctuary), I'd like to hear their full story. Their vision of the certain situation, demonic elements/events… Let my character dive into that and find out on my own what is what. Try to write a story with scenery and images, let me try to conclude what has happened in certain situations.

This is what I was thinking about lately. I've been trying to collect my thoughts on everything.I like the direction where the development is going. I applaud them for the current "less is more" approach towards the population from the latest quarterly update. That sounded really cool.If anyone agrees with me, feel free to share your thoughts. I certainly missed something…would love to update it.


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