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Let’s be honest here…

diablo5 - Let's be honest here...

The original diablo 1 & 2 team are not working on d4, nor did they with d3, which is why d3 was so different/not really diablo 3 (except in IP/name only).

Now fast forward to d4:

Diablo 4 is going to be diablo 3 with a more gritty and gothic coat of paint in order to not fall into the same "it looks like WoW" that diablo 3 had.

So in that sense, diablo 4 might be a good successor to diablo 3 but certainly not diablo 2.

But then you have the gaming industry that has only been on a decline in the past 5 years (p2w, microtransactions, buy now patch later, 50% of game for full price and then incremental DLC purchases, overzealous money-money-money over gamers ("don't you guys have phones")) — especially blizzard.

You can also throw in PC culture and gender politics, where no authoritative positions are allowed to be run only by men — no matter how logical, biologically-imperative, lore-imperative, or historically accurate it might be — hello recent example like "Port Royale 4" that has historical accuracies to real events regarding sailing the high seas but only female pirates — hello WoW's apparently ruined storyline via gender politics with recent iterations.

You also know that any interaction between a male and female has to result in either the female:

  1. Equally "alpha'ing" or out alpha'ing the male
  2. If the male does out alpha the female, he must die soon after
  3. If the male does out alpha the female, the female must get even in some way at some point.

The reason for these three reasons is gender politics: Men aren't allowed to "get one over" (unless invoking reason 2) or 3) on females anymore in any form of media, because it will be construed as "sexist" and "pegging women as weak".

Of course the problem with this is it makes story lines predictable and always have to veer from source material (if pre circa 2010) — hello the boys show, hello WoW, hello Star wars, hello dr strange, etc. Goodbye Joe Jonna Jameson, where being a dick because that is your character cannot occur anymore in the presence of females resulting in no penalty.

Combining all of these things together, it is very hard to be excited for what at best will be a good successor to d3 (which isn't a successor to d2) but now laced with PC/gender politics that inevitably will have to tampering/manipulate (most often negatively impacting to make the new narratives fit) with what would have been the source material, original lore, story, or interpersonal relationships between the characters.

Plus, all of the P2W and cash grab microtransaction frenzy of the gaming industry.

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