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diablo2 - Let's design the next Diablo

Since no new content is coming to Diablo three I think we as a community should come together and make a list of what we want in the next game. I recall for the longest time we kept asking for an endless dungeon mode and years later they finally gave us rifts and greater rifts which gave us something to do.

That one example alone is proof the community can influence the development of the game. I think it would do the community a great service to compile a list of everything we want and don't want returning in the next game. I'll update this post as other constructive ideas are given.

1.Cosmetic items purchasable through the blizzard store

2.Skins/Seasonal Skins/Themed skins of other IPs unlockable with effort or blizzard store. *Imagine Varian Wrynn as a barbarian

3.Templates/tools to make their own customized characters and weapons.

4.Campaign editors for people to make their own stories and mods.

5.An online store to sell your custom made items where blizzard takes a % of the earnings.

  1. Mod support has to happen. Look at Diablo 2 and it's newest mod breathing life back into an old game. And let's not forget not having mod support did nothing to hinder those that would bot.

  2. Invading others to hunt them down and steal their gold and gear. This would enable world pvp and allow for the creation of a new game experience. The way would work much like how dark souls uses items to invade people. You'd have to work to obtain them and use them as a currency to invade. And could be opted into boosting the chance of finding rare gear as a means to counteract that you could lose your stuff. *perhaps making it so only one random item drops upon death would be a good idea. and the invader stands to lose more than they gain do deter spam invading.

  3. Bring back trading and allow the game to develop its own economy.

9.Make our choices permanent and matter let us invest in our characters and build them the way we see fit.

  1. Keep our numbers at a reasonable level. We don't need to see 500 billion damage numbers on our screens. around 1k max hp for us and our damage numbers low as well.

11.We need to not feel like gods but people existing in a world that's unfair and harsh.


12.Bring back the sense of dread and foreboding gothic atmosphere and good music/ambience

13.Boss fights can no longer just be small rooms you're locked into to fight to the death but needs to be somewhat random and can be ran away from unless it's say the final boss or something. *Being locked in a room with a killer sounds fun on paper but its actually very boring and limits the chance for memorable experiences to happen.

14.We need an offline mode to play by ourselves when we want to say for example play hardcore and not lose our character to server lag or isp lag or power outages.

  1. Online only modes which will track the leader boards for seasonal and non seasonal and offer extra crafting materials as a means to incentivize online play.

  2. Drastically reduce the amount of pointless legendaries and make more useful and unique actually game changing items.

  3. Take the game away from the loot pinata model it's currently on. *loot needs to feel rare and hard to obtain and you can significantly notice when you get an upgrade instead of this small 0.01% upgrade we constantly get with the ever moving goal post that has been Diablo 3

  4. Needs to be adult themed and not watered down to appeal to a wide audience. Make a good game and people from all walks of life will come to enjoy the artwork. I was a child when I played the first Diablo even though it was directed towards a more mature audience. *The crow scene in the Diablo intro

  5. Community first not shareholders or anyone else but the community.

Now my Idea's may be radical but we all know they're having a hard time monetizing Diablo and if Diablo had a steady revenue coming in that they could support a game long term and continuously add new content much like Path of Exile does. Surely a big company like blizzard could easily retake the market they've lost to PoE and Grimdawn by making a superior product.

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