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Let’s discuss D2 Hirelings

diablo18 - Let's discuss D2 Hirelings

Everyone and their mother goes for the act 2 spearmen and their auras. But personally I really want to mix things up. Right now I'm a paladin with zeal, a 2 hander and lots of absorption. I use Might + my Act2 merc's defense buff which raises our combined offense/defense by 2x at the very least. I also constantly hear about people using holy freeze over the other merc auras, or ice wolves from act3 but personally I don't see any benefit from elemental allies especially when cold specifically gets resisted so hard in the end. A lot of enemies are downright immune to numb, or if they aren't it lasts about the length of an eye blink.

I've always enjoyed using the Rogues for their attack rating AOE boost but aside from that and being ranged they seem to falter on the same issue of relying on fire/cold.


Barbarian hirelings confuse me. I just don't see much use to another heavy hitting melee unit when in the end most meta comes down to spamming the unholy fu*k out of an area with spells or hammers anyway. But the fact that he has stun, seems pretty useful. How often do barbs use their attacks? Would stun be a viable replacement for numb? How much HP absorb do I need to stack on him for him to be self sufficient in combat? -edit: A malice greatsword sounds pretty neat for one.

I'd like to hear your opinions. Well, most of them. If any of you really take the time to repeat what countless other defenders of the act2 merc have said then please do so elsewhere. We all know they're good, that's the reason I made the topic in the first place.

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