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Let’s talk about Maghda and some other Diablo 3 characters.

diablo7 - Let's talk about Maghda and some other Diablo 3 characters.

Oh boy..

First – this is all just an opinion, and you shouldn't take it too seriously. I'm just doing it because I'm bored and I consider talking about Diablo fun, even if it's about the aspects I personally don't like. In my last post about Cain's death I mentioned Maghda, she sadly played a big part in it. After reading some comments I felt a sudden need to complain about Maghda and some other characters that I didn't like as much as I'd want to (I'm not going to mention all of them tho. Only the ones off the top of my head) for no particular reason.. so here it goes:


Maghda is in my opinion the 2nd worst character in the entire Diablo story/lore, here are some of the reasons why:

– Maghda is literally a combination of everything people didn't like about D3's art direction. She's as goofy and cartoony as it gets. She is the embodiment of what's wrong with Diablo 3.

– Her dialogue is at times so out of place and awkward that it's difficult not to cringe. Her entire purpose seems to be making you want to kill her, not because of actual in-game/in-lore reasons, but simply so she finally stops talking.

– In my previous post I mentioned how she ruins Cain's death. But believe it or not, Cain isn't the only iconic character Maghda has.. butchered.

The Butcher

– The way Maghda introduces The Butcher not only makes you annoyed before the fight due to her overall goofy dialogue, but it also takes away a core part of why we remember The Butcher in the first place – he was unexpected.

– Apparently Maghda's bad writing is contagious too. Remember any iconic lines from D3's Butcher? "Vegetable, bad. Meat, good" ugh.

– His fight in general wasn't that great either, he was just a big dumb brute, slow, easy to avoid etc.

– The Butcher imo was a lost potential. He could have been a great callback and would definitely made some older fans happy. Speaking of lost potential..

Zoltun Kulle

– Kulle is actually a really interesting character lore-wise. In my opinion he is much more interesting than any villain we face in D3. He has interesting motivations and he's not just a bad guy, he actually has some good reasons behind his actions. The problem is.. yet again – D3's writing and dialogue.

– "..mwahahaha MwAhAhAhAaaA!!1!1!"

– Kulle's betrayal is sadly extremely obvious. As soon as you resurrect him you know you'll fight him. You can hear it in his voice, laughter and dialogue. Now to be clear – His voice actor did a stellar job, he perfectly nailed the direction he was given. The problem is the direction itself.

Let's take a break for a moment. Since I'm already mentioning it, let me make something very clear – this isn't a criticism of anyone who worked on D3, it's a criticism of D3 itself. The reality is they did their jobs extremely well. Most of the people who work on video games have nothing to say about the general direction of the game. They are given a direction they have to follow. I hope it goes without saying that I have no bad intentions here. I love Diablo, and I respect all the developers. Being a dev is hard and often feels unfair, in most cases requires crazy amount of passion.. I could go on. You get the point.

Turns out butchered iconic characters aren't the only thing that walks in pairs in D3, so let's continue the theme of obvious betrayals.

Belial (The Emperor)

– As soon as you see the emperor, you know it's Belial. Even his clothes look "evil". His holograms and dialogue later on make it even more obvious, to the point where I wanted to tell him "Ok, shut up already, I know it's you since the first time I saw you."

– Belial is supposed to be the lord of lies, deception, illusion etc. There was none of that in the entire Act II. Even when we get to one of the cities, we know the guards are actually Belial's minions because we already saw them when we first met the emperor. Every part of Act II was predictable.

– Overall Belial never felt like the threat he should be. He's one of the lesser evils, the first one we face in D3. He should be a big deal. His fight was really cool tho.

And speaking of poorly represented lesser evils..


– Azmodan on the other hand is supposed to be the 9000 IQ master strategist of Hell. There was a little tiny bit of that, when he attacked the fortress from below, but that was it.

– Bad dialogue probably becomes a theme now and for a good reason. Throughout Act III all Azmodan does is taunting you in this goofy-villain way by revealing you his plans. After you destroy some part of his plan he'll just shit-talk you and tell you he didn't need that part anyway. And repeat all the way until you kill him. It felt so weird that one of the lesser evils, probably the smartest one of them all even feels a need to taunt you. He should feel like he's so above us we're not even worth talking to, and maybe his arrogance would be the cause of our victory, rather than his idiotic taunts, revealing his plans and complete lack of action or attempts to stop us.

AND speaking of villains who shouldn't act like toxic 7 year olds..


– "Hey uh, guys.. hey, um.. remember Izual?"

– The way Diablo keeps talking to you throughout Act IV completely ruins any fear or respect we could have had for him as a villain.

– "Y-you guys don't remember Izual? I thought it's a nice callback."

– It's not just the way he talks to us, but the fact he talks to us at all. Unlike Azmodan or Belial, Diablo is one of the 3 Prime Evils, he shouldn't care about us or what we think about him. It gets even worse because he's not just one of the Prime Evils, he's also the Prime Evil.. yea.. because the Greater Evils are divided into 4 Lesser Evils and 3 Prime Evils, but whenever all the 7 Great Evils merge into one being they form the "Prime Evil".. don't ask.

– "Cause you know.. Izual? Tyrael's old lieutenant?"

Izual, Tyrael's old lieutenant

– He dies very quickly and is pretty much meaningless for the story.

– He didn't even interact with Tyrael which is a shame.

– But make sure you remember that he isn't just a fallen angel – he is Tyrael's old lieutenant!

Speaking of "fallen" angels.. literally..



– I really wanted to like him, but what happened to him creates such a weird mess in the lore. Let me take you back in time for a moment. Lilith and Inarius, along with some rogue angels and demons created Sanctuary, and since their parent's weren't anywhere around, like all the other rebellious teenagers they.. started an orgy? And that my friend is where you came from. Could've been worse. Now, since it takes an angel (a being of sound and light), and a demon (a demon) to create the nephalem (later humans).. Why does Tyrael look like a human after tearing off his wings? NotLikeThis

– Tyrael is also surprisingly useless in the game. You'd think someone who still wields the mighty El'Druin, the Sword of Justice, and who still has some powers (I guess) would provide a little more help.

3rd fallen angel is the charm!..


– Malthael visually does look really good, but there are lore reasons that make me question what happened to him, let's not talk about that tho. This post is getting longer than I wanted anyway.

– His motivations are actually solid. In Diablo lore, "good" and "evil" are pretty much physical things. And they have nothing to do with the moral good or evil that's entirely subjective anyway and fully depends on what side you're on. Angels are made of "good" and demons are made of "evil". (Specifically good and evil parts of Anu.) He wants to do what in his eyes is the right thing and kill all the "evil", and since every single human being, regardless of how morally good they are, are made partially from that physical evil Malthael wants to destroy. The problem is that he comes from nowhere. It's nice to introduce your villain early and from the perspective of the players he just comes out of nowhere. Now, him being unexpected could be a good thing if we would later discover in-game how he went mad, but we don't. There is a mention in one of the lore notes you can find, and Imperius tells you a little bit but imo it wasn't enough.

– It really felt like he wasn't supposed to be the main villain of D3 and it was later confirmed that he in fact wasn't.

But I should mention that out of all the characters in D3, Malthael is still one of the best imo. And as much as I dislike D3's writing, Malthael is the unspoken hero of Diablo franchise. Why? Because for the first time, we (the players) have lost. Malthael absolutely destroyed sanctuary, killed countless numbers of people and because he absorbed all the evils trapped within the black soulstone, we (the player) had to free all the evils in order to stop Malthael. Think about it. Hell lost, all the evils were trapped. This could have been the end of the eternal conflict. But we had to stop him and in doing so, we have possibly doomed all of creation in the process. Matlhael laid down a perfect setting for a darker D4 that most people wanted.

Maybe a 4th fallen(?) angel?


– He is literally the most stupid character in the game. I won't spoil it for you since turns out some people never saw it but just watch "Wrath" the animated short and you'll know what I'm talking about

. – It's not just that one animated short. Imperius throughout Act IV keeps acting like a stubborn, prideful little b*tch with an ego that even Uldyssian wouldn't dream of. It was done on purpose here, because he was supposed to be a villain in RoS so it's not bad writing in this case, but at the same time you'd expect someone so important to be a bit more complex.

– During RoS he literally shit-talks you.

Let's just hope it was all for the better and Blizzard pulled him out of D3's story (an already flawed story) to save a potentially good villain for D4. It would have been a tragedy if he was the same in D4.

Speaking of tragedies..


– Leah is one of the most tragic characters in Diablo when you think about it. Ultimately it was her own mother that made her realize Leah's entire life was meaningless and she was only a tool. She was just a normal kid, without a real family, without the understanding of the world. It's not difficult to understand why she didn't believe Cain at first. She was ultimately just a kid in between of all this madness and in the end her fate was the worst thing imaginable. She became a vessel, not just for Diablo, but for the Prime Evil. Her body was burned into nothing by Imperius. We don't even know what happened to her soul or if it even exists after what happened. It was the worst fate possible. Well.. ok.. maybe Inarius would argue here but he isn't in D3 so whatever. The problem is – later on she should have believed Cain.. I mean an angel literally fell from the sky and undead started rising.. at that point you should probably change your world views. Her dialogue wasn't as good as it could have been. I already explained how I feel about Cain and Leah in my previous post.

Last, and also the least:

The Nephalem!

– The Nephalem is like a can of worms that should have never been opened. He is too strong to exist without ruining any sort of reason and consistency in writing.

– We know nothing about why our nephalem powers returned. I suspect it's going to be explained somehow, for example it could be that the worldstone is now destroyed and so is the force responsible to nerfing the original nephalem into humans. But it's not explained in D3. If it's not going to be explained then literally every time there's some world-ending threat everyone will ask "Why won't you just call The Nephalem?"

– It's my personal pick for the worst character in Diablo 3, and really in all of Diablo.

I think I'll end it here. I know there are other characters, like all the companions, some other npcs and bosses, and so on, but they either weren't interesting enough or I just don't have much to say about them. Besides this post is too long anyway so I'll end it here. Let me ask one final question:

What in your opinion is the worst and the best character in D3?

In case you didn't notice – yes this post is inspired heavily by Rhykker's villain tier list video.

Wasn't supposed to be but as soon as I started writing about Maghda, I instantly recalled watching this video and realized I pretty much agree with everything Rhykker said.

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