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Let’s talk about trading

diablo1 - Let's talk about trading

Among some other things. I am very passionate about arpgs and I'm going to talk about the things I think would make a truly great one. Try not to crucify me too hard as I have some pretty controversial views. I am mainly going to talk about d3 here.

Alright so I started playing arpgs with d3 pretty much. Never played any d2 or anything. I know I know a lot of you are already facepalming. But d3 made me fall in love with the genre and recently I've really had trouble finding one that gets it all right. Yes I've played PoE, and we'll get into that later. I played d3 up until maybe season 3 or 4 and dabbled in some after that.


Anyways before I ramble too much let's get into the main thing here, trading. I'll say it right here and now, I think they should bring the auction house back. D3 kind of died to me when they all but eliminated trading. But try not to angrily downvote me into oblivion yet. I don't say that without some major caveats. Look, I get it the AH ruined the game in the state it was in. Loot was broken and the only efficient way to "play" the game was to play the AH. Hell maybe there was no good way to fix it without that just always being the case. Look at PoE, they deliberately make trading cumbersome in an effort to combat this ever happening. I won't go into that other than to say I think it's ridiculous. To me, the answer here is leagues. Leagues for solo self found, solo trade, and group self found (what d3 is) or no trading, and group trade. And of course the equivalent HC leagues. Maybe there's a huge issue here I'm not seeing (if so please let me know) but to me that solves everything. If someone wants to sit on the ah all day, by all means let them do that. If you don't, play a no trade league.


This all brings me to my second point, loot. I really hate what d3 has done to loot. I'm expecting some pitch forks here again no matter what I say but I can almost point to the exact spot that loot became too ridiculous in d3. It was right around the time there was a double legendary drop rate and they decided to keep it forever. I think the problem is far bigger than that but that was a turning point for me. Let me get this out of the way, I absolutely do not want pre 2.0 loot. It was atrocious. The wrong stats on gear, gear not for you class constantly being thrown in your face, I could go on and on. But the fix that was needed was a middle ground between that and what they did. I feel like they went so far overboard it's insane. Now everyone has the same gear within a few hours. The hunt is just for primal ancients with correct rolls which I think is a terrible system. Yes I know getting perfect gear is still basically impossible but to me it's so uninteresting and unexciting now. With trading being removed the excitement of loot is just gone for me. Finding a perfect primal ancient is cool and all but it's not the same as finding that incredibly rare/awesome item and deciding whether or not to trade it. I personally hate ancients/primals. Basically, I think loot needs to be nerfed into the ground. I also think sets need to be toned way down and a lot of them removed. Rares being endgame was awesome in my opinion. I think legendary drop rates should be massively toned down too so you see far less of them but they are far more often amazing. They did a lot of great things with mostly only getting gear for your class and correcting rolls but if loot was a 1 on d3 release and a 10 now, it needs to be dialed back to 5.



Ahh another thing plaguing d3 in my opinion, the paragon system. I can't understand how this is still a thing. I was intrigued by it when they first decided to break the 100 cap (which was a far superior system) but I thought diminishing returns and a soft cap would kick in at least somewhat quickly. In it's current state paragon/main stat farming has completely taken over and defined d3. I had a look at the non season leaderboards and people are 9k with someone closing in on 10k paragon. 1000s of paragon levels put you in an entirely new bracket for GR's. I'm all for people being rewarded for playing more but this is obnoxious. And I think the hunt should be for loot, not xp. If nothing else this is a major reason d3 should have a solo league. But better than that there should be a solo league and the current incarnation of the paragon system should be removed.


I figure PoE deserves it's own section since let's face it, is the go to multiplayer arpg besides d3. I tried to like PoE, I really did. 5 times if I am remembering correctly. And It wasn't until the 5th time (in incursion league) that I finally played for any significant amount of time and did basically all the content. PoE absolutely does a lot of things right but it's simply not for everyone. I'm not going to go into all my opinions on the game to make this post even more controversial but if a new game, dare I say Diablo 4, were to take the best parts of PoE and the best parts of Diablo 3, I think that could be the greatest game ever made. Thanks for reading.

TLDR: Bring back trading in the form of leagues for those who want it and those who don't, nerf loot, and rework the paragon system.

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