Diablo 3

Level 70 Grind on 360 while waiting to buy my Switch

diablo12 - Level 70 Grind on 360 while waiting to buy my Switch

Hey all,

I lurk alot and don't really post. Just wanted to see if anyone has additional feedback to give me while I'm obsessed with playing on the 360 while I wait til next month to buy my Switch, plenty of guides out there on what to do for seasons. I just need some tips on 360, pretty please.

So I reached 70, i think I'm paragon 6 now playing a monk with a pretty weird build right now on Master difficulty. I've been running bounties to get horadric caches and keystone shards. I did run a rift last night and got my first whatever that blacksmith item is that looks like a lump of burning coal that's used to get new abilities on legendaries and set items (no clue what the item is called – sorry). I had like 200 blood shards to use at Kadala and got my first set item. It was the gloves from the Raiment of a thousand storms, so that's cool. Also got a lot of meh rares but no legendaries. Upgraded what I could that I am wearing.

Basically, since there is no seasons on Xbox 360 this seems to be the grind, and I'm ok with that. Just wondering if I'm missing anything. Couple of questions.

Should I be burning these keystone shards and doing rifts NOW on Master level (noticing TONS more blood shards drop in rifts than doing bounties) OR should I be saying those until I'm doing Torments and grind away at the bounties to try and get better equipment before moving into torment level?

My monk build is pretty weird right now because I don't really have a set for a specific build. Mostly using exploding palm and seven sided strike -Fulminating rune for general mobs, – Sustained rune for bosses. I do have the fist legendary weapon that increases exploding palm damage to 75% when they blow up, so that's cool.

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Anyway, any tips are cool. I'm really looking forward to getting my switch and playing seasons. Thanks all!

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