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List of Major Problems on PTR so far (cross-post)

diablo10 - List of Major Problems on PTR so far (cross-post)

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Just want to consolidate all the major problems that we have so far on the PTR, with the hope that this will increase the likelihood of the devs fixing them…

Bugs and Exploits

  1. Angels in GR can one-shot RG on any level (including 150). This is the most blatant and game-breaking problem on the PTR right now.
  2. Potential cow level exploit – when the player(s) get to 95% progression in a GR, they can go to the cow level (without dropping the stacks) and build up to around 480 kill streak, then go back to the rift (without dropping the stacks), and get to 500, which will both spawn the angels and the RG, which will be one-shot (by the angels).
  3. 300-kills ring of fire kills teammates.
  4. The seasonal buff interferes with set dungeon objectives. They need to be disabled inside set dungeons.
  5. Many other kill streak buffs are way overpowered (like the 15-kill twisters). When 90% of the damage you deal in a greater rift comes from these special buffs, there is a big problem. The core gameplay is no longer about slaying demons, but manipulating the kill streak bonus. It feels very exploitative and really takes away the feeling of accomplishment when you get a high clear by playing legit.

Nerfing and Buffing

  1. The biggest elephant in the room right now is Star Pact. The fact that they are not doing anything about it while nerfing Chantodo’s and Thorns is beyond me.
  2. Chantodo’s Archon is over-nerfed. It should be tuned back a little bit to preserve some viability.
  3. Whirlwind Rend is too strong. If blizz truly cares about maintaining some semblance of balance, then Rend needs to be nerfed along with Star Pact.
  4. The new monk set is too weak, both in terms of damage and defense. It struggles even on GR95, WITH THE SEASONAL BUFF. Imagine playing this set in nonseason… Not a single set in this game struggles on 95 at this point. This monk set does. It would be a shame if no one ends up playing this set because the damage is so garbage.
  5. The new crusader set also needs buffing. Many people also complain that its mechanics (or the lack thereof) is very lackluster. More pressingly, the set is just not that strong, in both offense and defense.
  6. Even after the thorns necro nerf, it still works exactly the same as before, just slightly slower on Blighter. Blighter will still be one of the ideal RGs, and thorns necro will still be the RGK meta (assuming the angels are fixed). If blizz is really against the playstyle, then what’s needed is nerfing or changing the Aberrant Animator passive, so that the build mechanic is no longer viable.
    The devs need to consider the fact that (1) solo pushing with thorns is very unenjoyable for the vast majority of players, because of its dependence on extreme fishing and patience; and (2) thorns RGK is also not fun to play at all (as blizz rightly points out). It also depends a lot on luck (getting the good RGs vs. not getting them and insta quitting).

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