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LON buff actually quite awesome.

diablo16 - LON buff actually quite awesome.

So, figured I'd just throw this out there incase some people were thinking of starting on seasonal but wasn't entirely sure yet.

The theme-buff for this season is probably the best one yet, and the most fun i've had since the first few seasons in Diablo (back when a new season meant new items were being released).

I skipped a few of the more recent seasons or only played very briefly to get my conquests done, partly because it was always just "more of the same". Minor tuning didn't change much, and since the introduction of haedrigs gift, it went from "spend 1-2 days with your friends building a set bonus so the one lucky guy in your group can carry the rest at a higher torment level till the others catch up", to "Do your season journey, instantly start farming T10+ an hour after you hit max level".

Back in the day before the gift streamlined easy-farm builds I was actually excited to see random legendaries drop, because they'd be replacing yellow items even if their bonuses weren't great, and occasionally it'd be an item that allowed you to jump up a torment level and had some minor interaction with something.


The LON buff really brought back that "feel" to me, maybe partly because of my class-choice (Wizard), but the point remains; Using a meteor build I rely on four items mainly, two of which are cubed (and thus levels aren't relevant): The grand vizier, Nilfurs boast, Deathwish and Etched Sigil. With those four items, any ancient item becomes a huge upgrade, and I am excited to open pretty much anything. I've been running a freaking helm with no useful bonus because it's ancient for ages, as well as a set glove and a different sets' legs, just because ancient; Homing pad for my shoulders, and even badly-rolled nemesis for my bracers, and I don't feel hindered farming T16 at all.

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Meanwhile, I know there's tons of space for me to grow so much stronger than I am; I can switch my homing pads (my freebie primal) to a channeling mantle shoulder for +25% dmg/dmg reduction, but I've not seen an ancient yet. I am wearing a fucking Krede's flame ring, so ANY ancient ring might be an upgrade. If I get a belt drop I can swap my cube from hergbrash' binding to aquelia cuirass and then equip cindercoat, which is +20% fire damage, etc etc; My build is barely scratching the edge of being complete, and the progression just keeps going.

Gotta admit, I was expecting the buff to kinda suck, but I really enjoyed it so far.

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