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LON is probably the least interesting thing in diablo 3

diablo1 - LON is probably the least interesting thing in diablo 3

People who like LON think that you have all these interesting choices

I can only think of a few classes that have a unique equip for every slot. It also keeps you from using compass rose set focus restraint etc. Tons of 2 set and crafted set options. My problem with LON is it is genuinely an abuse of numbers facading as free choices. It's saying, 'ok if I have all slots ancient with the same overpowered abilities sets are using I have x% more power than a set.' If sets didn't exist Lon wouldn't exist. But in the end one has to be more powerful. Do you choose:

Lon? Where your meta will form around the same 10 legendaries across every class + the same unique legendaries

class sets? With class sets almost none of the same legendaries are used. The sets builds are built around class only legendaries(usually).

I prefer the sets. Something lordfluffy and ThaPChild harp on about every week in their podcast is something I agree with. Level out the power of every set to the same gr and give people more options to push with. If I prefer playing dmo frozen orb I should have that option to push. That's the most fun way to play to me. Obviously something will be best. The way the set works with area damage and how well it survives and moves through rift will force it ahead of the pack. Right now some things have lower % damage than others.


If there were more legendaries in game especially class specific ones you could make LON interesting. I don't think blizzard devs have the interest to create new ones. And if there were no 6 piece sets in the game LON wouldn't need to exist. The way it's implemented now it's either too strong or too weak depending on what blizzard released in the past.

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Keep LON the way it is so I can make janky builds to play around with. Don't buff it to match sets you will just make the game harder to gear up for.

Imagine a season with no 6piece sets and no LON for a seasonal theme. That seems WAY more exciting than a few months with a free RORG. Good luck making a bot that'll farm that season.

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