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Looking for a bit of advice to push into greater rift 70 (failed at 67)

diablo11 - Looking for a bit of advice to push into greater rift 70 (failed at 67)

So I asked earlyer about how to get my defence up a bit more because I was using boon of the hoarder and gold wraps but they dont work in greater rifts. I was asked to be more spesific about what my build was so this is what I've got almost…..

So after looking up a build for what my 6 piece set is for and the skills I've been using (mostly blood nova) I found this build which is about 90% of what I'm using. But I'm currently on the SWITCH so I dont use curses because there broken. https://www.diablofans.com/builds/92573-blood-nova-txiii-gr70-speedfarm-build

It's mostly crap gear I've got because I'm not giving luck with drops but all the gear has intelligence and most of the other stuff has crit damage chance or cooldown on it with only a few pieces with vitality or armor and I dont think any of the gear has resistance.

I'm sitting on just under 800k damage, 10 to 20 mill defence and about 350k heal. All showing up under my character model. (Not sure about there real names for them stats)


I can do t13 rifts alright as long as I dont try stop to kill mobs in packs of 3 or less. I have no problem what so ever for the guardians because I just pop land of the dead and hold down devour and corpse lance which just kills them in seconds because of the corpse whisperer puldrens I found as an ancient item (first one ever for this character)

My main problem lies with the fact there isnt any gold drops in greater rifts so my goldwrap and boon of the hoarder are going to waste and giving me no extra defence. And up untill a few hours ago when I realised this I was trying to find a ring I salvaged which increased gold pickup radius by a bunch but it seems useless now.

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Should I be aiming for any specific numbers in terms of crit chance and damage and other stuff like healing and armor or resistances. I think my crit chance is over 50% and my crit damage is just under 400% and while it's great to see them big numbers going off almost every hit it's all useless when I die in a few shots.

If you have any questions just ask. I will be on in a few hours.

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