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Loot 2.0 Diablo IV Philosophy

diablo12 - Loot 2.0 Diablo IV Philosophy

I think D:IV needs a new loot philosophy. Going back to DII's roots and then evolving from there I think would be the right direction. I do think DIII had some pretty smart additions to the Loot design but the following or similar is what I would like to see happen with DIV.

Acquire loot via two main methods:

  1. Directly – Monster drop, boss drop, chest drop, reward, etc
  2. Indirectly – Crafting(runes, jewels, materials etc), reforging, etc.

Method 1 ensures the slaying/farming will always have the happy RNG moment when you get a GG drop or something really rare while Method 2 will ensure those that his a terrible RNG drought will still be able to craft a GG item with the time/effort spent grinding. I would like to see certain items/materials drop in certain locations to help players, especially solo players target the items they want/need.

I think most items should be obtainable by either of these methods, although some exclusions I think would be fitting.

The types of loots I would like to see are:

  • Common (white) items:
    • These will be the bases
    • Tiered like traditional ARPG, DII
    • Will have random number of sockets 1-8 (max sockets is determined by item type, see runes), higher ilvl drop = higher chance of more sockets
  • Uncommon (blue) items:
    • Common items but with 1-3 affixes
    • Can only have 1/3 the max number of sockets
  • Rare (yellow) Items:
    • Improved version of uncommon item, will have 4-8 affixes
    • can only have half the number of max sockets
  • Unique (orange) Items
    • Items that are unique, hence the name
    • will have a fixed number of specific affixes
    • will have 1 unique legendary power, can be extracted from item for crafting
    • will be powerful but rarely BIS (best in slot)
  • Set Items (green)
    • will serve mostly as a "crutch" item for casual players or a Power leveling set for veterans to speed level additional characters. They won't really be effective beyond leveling your character to max level. They are meant to help players who struggle with forming a build in giving a clear direction and effective skill set to use, though very limiting on skill choice.
    • Full sets will scale with your level.
    • each armor set will have 3 bonuses:
      • Direct damage increase for a specific skill
      • Direct damage reduction for a specific skill
      • A utility boost for a specific skill
  • Purple items (crafted)
    • These will be your end game BIS for the most part. BIS items will be hard to craft but well worth the time investment. You craft items by putting specific runes which give specific affixes into sockets. Unique items can be created by placing runes in sockets in a specific order similar to DII which can then have their legendary power extracted to be put as an enchantment onto other crafted items. Doesn't have to be exactly as I describe, but blizzard needs to get creative and more invested in the late game crafting.
  • Runes (crafting material)
    • Lots of runes divided into different tiers of rarity
    • 3 of the same type can be upgraded to make a more powerful version
    • runes can add specific affixes to items with open sockets.
    • runewords can change common items into unique items
  • Jewels (crafting material)
    • can be used in sockets for jewelry
  • charms (enhancement material)
    • Similar to D2 but will have their own inventory.

Things DIII did right I would like to see remain:

  • Individual loot drops
  • Smart loot drops
  • cube recipes

Of course this is all my opinion. Mostly fun discussion

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