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Minor HC list S22 (PC)

diablo7 - Minor HC list S22 (PC)

(This was first considered as an answer to Raxx tier list but I thought its better off on its own as its HC specific.)

This is a minor list of whats good and what you'll expect to see in HC S22.

Necro, the undisputed king of S22:
Rats are squishy and you'll probably be burning through some chars, however with 3x ppl getting necro drops its not a huge issue, (I on the other hand dont enjoy the playstyle and arent competetive enough to play rats), share gear in group and alternate roles, and go a bit lower than SC.
You will definitely see ppl asking for rats in HC GR community.
The other necro builds also have options for more toughness and can easily skip damage multipliers and still be very viable in HC.
Tried Bonespear on PTR (Lexyus solo push setup) and its definitely HC playable, wont go near as fast and high as SC players as my practice is basically zero.
I did a 110 no augs 800 para no deaths, that was in the third gr I ever played the build, with low gems and crappy gear, it felt very tanky and have insane dmg output.
I expect this to be a HC 150 solo build.
There are several other VERY strong necro builds that easily rival meta builds of the other classes.

Norvalds is a bit risky, time on horse mess with AC uptime and you give up a toughness skill (probably iron skin), however the dmg spike from it is HUGE, can run with invigorating (for cc help) or molten/eso (hey run all three and try) and still be fine with dmg.
Fist crus used to be a squishy 80-85 build, now stronger but its seriously squishy for 100ish and if you run it without supp expect to proc a LOT.
While horse feel fast if you havent played that much, several other build will run in circles around you when key farming and casual/pug speeding.
Akkhan bombs, I expect to see some in public, the build is dead for any meta (gz streamer streamers you did it) but it can still do decent high solo.
While other non meta builds like sweep, condemn, invoker are buffed and perform better they wont be competetive if thats your goal.


GoD DH, if necro is king of classes THIS is king of builds.
In S22 you can add Coe (elusive is mostly standard in HC), use it for keys, bountys, speeds and push.
Grab free set fill other slots with random stuff, do T16 and gr70 out of the box.
If you know what you are doing expect gr100 solo on saturday maybe even friday.
Expect to see a lot of DH's, maybe some will also learn not to use the horrible Icy veins setup with shadow power (deadset wake up)…
Impale is a great RGK option its easier, faster and safer if you dont want to play crus.

While ww have the convenience of pulling the full map its lagging behind both in speed and power.
Frenzy barb is generally shunned in HC because the lack of full cc immune/poor wotb uptime.
Zbarb is as always king of supports and this is what ppl will play.

Poj isnt that common but its a great build, with shenlongs it gets a LOT of power.
Was sometime since I last saw a Wol monk, while its squishy for speeds it works in T16 if you think poj is too slow.
WoL monk is one of few builds that can do 1min solo grs.
Zmonk, was a long time since I saw a shield zmonk, want to push high and know/like how to play this well and you probably have a great time in HC.
Monk is somewhat surprisingly rare to see in HC.

Mundunugu is great but thats it.
The other sets got buffed about the same amount that necro got nerfed.
Tx players will maybe see some Zbears.

You will see ppl who only read the buffs and havent checked any guides/ptr info, they will likely be disappointed with wizard.

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