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My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 10

diablo4 - My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 10

Day 10:

Returning to Lower Kurast, I continue my search for the Kurast Bazaar so I can find Khalim's Heart. Soon after, fighting my way through newly spawned demons, I arrive at the Kurast Bazaar, where I should be able to find access to the sewer that contains the heart. While looking for the sewer entrance, I find two bloody stairwells, one leading to the Diffused Fane and one leading to the Ruined Temple. They seem important, but I'll leave them for later since my main priority is searching for Khalim's Heart in the sewers. Decending into the sewers, I find that it's swarming with undead and the layout of the sewer makes it a huge hassle to explore. Man, trying to fully explore the sewer seems to be too much work for what it's worth, like I'm so far trying to explore the first level completely to see what the sewer has to offer and it's taking me probably around 20-30 minutes so far to explore it and I'm not even done yet and even then the payout is rather minimal, so probably for now, I'll just explore and search for the stairs on each level and just find Khalim's Heart and get out and save the exploring for another time.

Finding a lever on a raised platform, I pull it, revealing the stairs to the second level. Within seconds of exploring the second level if find the golden chest containing Khalim's Heart without even a single monster guarding it, though I guess you could say the undead on the first level were "guarding" the stairs to the second level. Upon picking up the heart, I read the updated quest log, where it says that Khalim's Flail is located in Travincal. It also says to beware the High Council, so I assume that I will have to fight them to get the flail, and since it has to warn me about them, the High Council are probably not an easy foe to defeat.

While exploring the first level of the sewers, I found stairs leading up to Upper Kurast, but first I return to the docks to confirm with Cain about the heart and to restock up on potions as well as to identify some gear I picked up, of which I'll probably end up selling. Returning to the sewers, I continue into Upper Kurast on my way to Travincal. Exploring Upper Kurast, I discover two bloody stairs, like the ones in Kurast Bazaar, this time it's one leading to the Forgotten Temple and one leading to the Forgotten Reliquary. After exploring Upper Kurast a bit, I cross a rather grandiose stone bridge, which I would assume eventually leads to Travincal. After a bit, I enter Travincal, where Mephisto is said to be held prisoner in an a tower, only to be heavily ambushed by a ton of zealots and heirophants. Dying and respawning at the docks, I find that Ormus had something he needed to say. According to him, the High Council of the Zakarum temple were corrupted by Mephisto's hatred and in order to release Mephisto's grip on Kurast, I must kill the High Council. I also notice that I had a quest I hadn't completed where I needed to talk to Asheara, and upon doing so she tells me some of her troops were willing to follow me for free. While exploring a bit further I see that my quest log had updated and it read Kill the High Council and upon reading it looked around a bit and saw no sign of the High Council so I was confused, until I took a few steps forward and was engulfed in flames. The High Council was quite tough to defeat, but luckily I managed to quickly defeat them, one of which dropped Khalim's Flail, final part I needed to find. Returning to the Kurast Docks to retrieve Khalim's Eye which I put in my stash, I put all of the parts into the Horadric Cube and transmuted them to make Khalim's Will, which I'd say out of the different quest tools is the most useful as a weapon due to that 1-40 lightning damage, making the max damage 70, of course that is if I can continue to roll those high numbers for damage as it can go as low as 2 damage, but I can use the holy fire aura to fix that.


After crafting Khalim's Will, I had to return to Travincal because I apparently didn't kill all of the High Council members. Afterwards, I had to speak with Cain for guidance, who tells me I must destroy the Compelling Orb with Khalim's Will and kill Mephisto before Diablo and Baal find him. After destroying the orb, it reveals the path to the Durance of Hate and, unfortunately like all quest tools, Khalim's Will disappears upon using it on the orb. Fighting my way through many demons, I reach the second level of the dungeon, where I can find a waypoint, of which I assume that makes the second level probably the halfway point to the level Mephisto is found on. Once I had found the waypoint and made sure my potion supply was in check, I descended to the third level with the expectation that I may or may not be fighting Mephisto on that level.

Entering the third level, my assumption was confirmed by a quest log update that stated to kill Mephisto. Fighting through some of the remaining Council Members, I encounter Mephisto near the back of the room, who says that I am too late, implying Diablo and Baal have already found him, which explains the portal to hell in the center of the room. Fighting him I notice I am doing very little damage while he did a quarter of damage to me every time he directly hit me, so I had to make multiple trips back to the docks to recuperate. Eventually, after a long fought battle, I slay Mephisto and take the loot he dropped as well as Mephisto's Soulstone.

Returning back to the docks, I inform Deckard Cain of Mephisto's defeat, but unfortunately Diablo and Baal had already beaten me there and have made their way to hell. If I want to save the world, I must travel to hell and kill them both before it's too late.

Before making the final push, I make sure that I have everything I needed and my armor is fully repaired.

End of Session Stats:


Level: 24 -> 25

Strength: 76 -> 78

Dexterity: 52

Vitality: 61 -> 63

Energy: 30

Skill Update:

Resist Fire Level 2 -> 3

End of Day 10:

Well, that was an exciting end to Act III. I thought I might as well complete the rest of Act III since there wasn't much left so this was a bit of a longer post, though I never got one of the quests, probably because I never explored the Great Marsh as I just wanted to get the main story out of the way first and go for extras later. Also, sorry for my inconsistent posting schedule, I didn't post last weekend mainly because I was preoccupied with other stuff and just forgot. Tomorrow, depending on how long Act IV is, I plan to try and get as much of it if not all for the next post so I can start either the next post or the post after on the Lord of Destruction expansion

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