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My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 11

diablo2 - My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 11

Day 11:

Before I continue to Act IV, I thought I might as well complete that last quest I hadn't gotten yet. Thanks to u/funkyfritter, I now know that I was supposed to talk to Alkor, a man who I've only talked to a few times in this act. According to him a book known as Lam Esen's Tome was stolen by the Children of Zakarum and hidden away within one of the six temples in Kurast. In order to find it, I must search the temples in the Bazaar, Upper Kurast and the Kurast Causeway for it.

Starting my search, I head to Kurast Bazaar. Once there, I enter the "Disused" Fane (Just realized I put Diffused instead in the last post). The layout of the temple doesn't seem too elaborate, so I assume it wouldn't take too long to check all six, that is if I don't find the tome before then. Unfortunately, the tome wasn't in this temple, so I continue to the next. The search took much less time than I thought as I enter the second temple in the Bazaar, the Ruined Temple, and find the tome on a pedestal, I decide to leave the other temples for later as overall the loot I found in just these two temples wasn't much to celebrate over.

Once I had returned to the docks, I speak with Alkor and give him the tome. Upon giving him the tome, he tells me that it will tell us all about the great evils and as a reward, he gives me five free stat points which is great.

I had been preparing for this for a while now. With my inventory stocked with healing and some mana potions as well as my armor fully repaired, I step into the portal to Hell. Surprisingly enough, I find myself in some fortress. There I find Tyrael (Also misspelled his name somehow in a previous post), who congratulates me for defeating Mephisto. According to him, this fortress known as the Pandemonium Fortress, is Heaven's last defence against the evils of Hell. Apparently, he has been forbidden from aiding me directly, as this is the start of mortal man's triumph against the forces of Hell.

Tyrael, also, tells me about a man called Izual. Apparently, he was one of Tyrael's trusted lieutenants, but he had gone against Tyrael's orders and lead a charge against the Hellforce himself, only to get himself captured. Once captured, he became corrupted by the evil and forced to betray his men and give up the secrets of Heaven's defences. Tyrael requested that I find Izual and put an end to his suffering.

I, then, speak with Deckard Cain, who had followed me as he has since I originally rescued him. He tells me that I must destroy Mephisto's soulstone and in order to do that I must seek the Hellforge and, after placing the stone on the forge, strike it with the hammer and by doing so, I would prevent Mephisto from manifesting in this world ever again.

Once I had everything situated, I take my first steps into the depths of Hell. First thing I figure out is that Venom Lords are not that easy to beat if you don't have good fire resistance, took me two deaths to realize that I should probably enable the resist fire aura against them and probably just leave it enabled for now since I wouldn't be surprised if a good number of demons used fire attacks. Man the first area of Hell, the Outer Steppes, goes a rather long way from the Pandemonium Fortress, I guess to make sure Act IV takes a good amount of time to complete, they made it so the areas large so it would take longer to find the next area.


Eventually after going around the entire perimeter of the area, I find a thin pathway that leads to the Plains of Despair. Here, I'm supposed to find Izual and kill him. There do seem to be a lot of those Venom Lords and other variants here, which makes sense, and they do seem to give a good amount of experience per kill which is nice, but they can be annoying when they surround me. After a while of exploring, I finally encounter Izual and he tanks my attacks like they are nothing. Fortunately because of Zeal I can increase the amount of damage I make per second, so it's just a keep hitting and make sure I don't die kind of situation. After an agonizingly long period of mashing attack and drinking potions, I kill Izual, after which his spirit appears in front of me. He tells me how he was the one who told Diablo about the soulstones and how to corrupt them and what he needed to do in order to bring about doom to the mortal world, making it seem like he had planned to defy Tyrael from the start. Ignoring his remark about how me and the rest of the mortals are doomed, I return to the Fortress to tell Tyrael about Izual. Hearing what Izual had said, Tyrael began to realize that they had been played a fool for a long time. As a reward for killing Izual, Tyrael gives me two free skill points.

Afterwards, I make it to the City of the Damned, where the first of the Waypoints can be located and just like the name of the city implies, it is swarming with the Damned monster. Also, I used the skill points to invest in the Holy Shock offensive aura and it is really powerful in my opinion. It seems to be very good at clearing a large group of enemies as well as tough individual enemies with it's 100+ max lightning damage added to attacks at just level one, some of which is due to my level three Resist Lightning defensive aura. Eventually I come across the stairs to the River of Flame as well as the Waypoint for the City of the Damned. Returning back to the Fortress, I do my usual routine in order to prepare for what might await me ahead.

End of Session Stats:


Level: 25 -> 26

Strength: 78 -> 84

Dexterity: 52

Vitality: 63 -> 67

Energy: 30

Skill Update:

Resist Fire Level 3 -> 4

Learned Holy Shock 0 -> 2

End of Day 11:

So it seems it's going to take longer to get through Act IV than I thought. I'm hoping to get through it by next session if not the session after, which would only leave Act V remaining. Anyways I'm enjoying Act IV so far, despite the fact the devs decided to put two large areas one after another without any waypoint which makes finding a good stopping point take longer, but I won't fault them for it as it doesn't take away from the experience.

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