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My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 2 Part 2

diablo17 - My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 2 Part 2

Day 2 Part 2:

Making a quick stop to the blacksmith to repair my gear, especially my sword that was almost broken, as well as various other tasks, such as finding the waypoint to Cold Plains thanks to u/hansdieterkarl, I head back through the town portal to resume my journey to Tristram. My initial entry into the Dark Wood was a rather short lived one, as I bit off a bit more than I could chew, as many enemies surrounded me and killed me before I could do anything to get out of there. Fortunately getting back to my body wasn't much of a hassle and I was able to retrieve my stuff as well as defeat the enemies surrounding my body.

Venturing around the Dark Wood, slay many enemies, mainly carvers though as it seems they prefer to attack in large numbers. I, also, managed to find the waypoint for Dark Wood, so now I don't need to use a town portal to get back. With nothing much left to do in the Dark Wood, I continue into the Black Marsh. Upon entering I encounter two special returned enemies, one that dropped a rare Scimitar and one that dropped a rare skull cap. Continuing along the path and crossing a bridge all the while slaying enemies left and right, I come across a side path that leads a cave entrance to the Hole. Just to check whether or not that's where I need to go, I continue on the main path to see where it leads.

The main path leads to the Tamoe Highland, of which I seem to be rather unprepared to take on at my current level, level 8, and equipment so after healing up, I back track to find the waypoint Black Marsh and then I go to check out the cave entrance in the Black Marsh. While I was exploring the first floor of the cave it didn't take me long to realize that I should have explored Dark Wood more before continuing to Black Marsh, so I finish exploring the first level of the Hole first before I left the cave and return to Dark Wood.

Not sure how I missed the tree on the automap, but I find the Tree of Inifuss and obtain the scroll needed for the quest. So after wasting about an hour exploring areas that I didn't need to yet, I return to camp to give the scroll to Akara.

Upon receiving the scroll, Akara translates the contents and tells me to go to the Cairn Stones in Stony Field and touch them in the order written to open a portal to Tristram.

Before performing the task to open the portal to Tristram, I explore Stony Field a bit more in search of it's waypoint. During my search, I discover a moldy tome. It's contents speak of a countess who was buried alive in her tower. Some of her fortune seems to have been buried with her along with the inhumane deeds she had conducted. After going a long distance to find the waypoint, I return to the stones to open the portal. After touching the stones in a clockwise order, starting from the raindrop symbol, I open the portal to Tristram, knowing fully well of the dangers that lie ahead.


Upon entering the fallen town of Tristram, I encounter familiar face. Griswold, the former blacksmith of Tristram, seems to have met an unfortunate demise and was risen as a cursed undead. I was forced to put him down as there was no saving him. Taking the loot he dropped, I continue my search for Deckard Cain, wondering if the old man would still be alive after all this time.

Nearing the fountain in the town square, I find Cain, alive and well, locked up in a cage suspended of the ground. After, clearing out the enemies in the immediate area, I help Cain out of the cage. After I help him out he, states his name and leaves, telling me to leave quickly as well, so I do just that and return to camp.

Finding Cain at the camp, he thanks me for saving him and offers to identify items at no cost. He, then, tells me about the events that occurred after the hero had slain Diablo, how he started to show behavioral changes and how all of a sudden he left and demon attacked Tristram shortly after. Cain believes that the Dark Wanderer is the hero of Tristram and that he fears that, if Diablo has taken over him, Diablo may be even stronger than before and that I will have to stop him before it's too late.

I spoke with Akara shortly afterwards and she thanks me for saving Cain. I, then meet with Charsi, who seems to have a quest for me. She tells me that she had left her enchanted smithing hammer, the Horadric Malus, at the monastery when they fled, and that if I retrieve it for her, she will be able to strengthen my equipment with it's magic.

Seeing how late it has gotten, I choose to rest, so that I am fully ready to continue onwards once I awake.

Post-session level:

Zuldylm Level: 10

End of Day 2:

I'm going to leave it here. Man I didn't mean to waste so much time venturing into the Black Marsh and the Tamoe Highland, I should have realized sooner that the difficulty had started to reach a point that it became tough to handle at my level. I'll do my best to actually read the quest info properly from now on so I don't wander to far off track. My next session will probably be on Saturday because I have business to take care of tomorrow, so I don't think I'll be able to play.

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