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My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 5 (Shorter Post)

diablo20 - My Blind Diablo II Experience Day 5 (Shorter Post)

Unfortunately I didn't have much time today for me to play so this will be a shorter post than the rest.

Day 5:

After resting up at the inn, I bid Elzix goodbye, but right before I left, he stops me and asks if I'd be interested in spending some gold to gamble for items. Intrigued, I decide to try and see if I get anything good. I choose to only buy one item for now, to avoid spending too much. Since my armor is pretty set for now, which are a Superior Full Helm (Def: 26), a Strong Breast Plate (Def: 94), Superior Chain Gloves (Def: 11) and Light Plated Boots of Dexterity (Def: 11) that I got from Fara yesterday that I forgot to mention, and that my sword is pretty good for now, I try for a good shield. I purchase an unknown Kite Shield from him for 6496 gold, which turned out to be a rare shield named Gale Guard (I now know that items with yellow text are concidered rare, not unique, and blue text items are magical items) with 24 defence with quite a few additional stats, such as increased block rate, plus 1 to strength and a few others. Defense wise, it's slightly weaker than my Superior Spiked Shield I got awhile ago, but the additional stats might make it worth using.

Putting away my old shield and repairing my current equipment, I set out to search for the remaining pieces of the Horadric Staff. The first part I need to search for is the shaft which is located in the Maggot Lair, underneath the Far Oasis which I believe is right past the Dry Hills. Returning to the Dry Hill via waypoint, I continue onwards and head to the Far Oasis.

While I was spending awhile mapping out the area for the Far Oasis, all of a sudden everything around me goes dark. Confused by the weird darkness, I return to Lut Gholein to find out what is going on. Speaking to Drognan, who had said he researched the source of the "Tainted Sun", he believes it to be the work of Claw Vipers, whose temple is said to be hidden beneath the sands of the Valley of Snakes. Before I go and search for the Claw Viper temple to get rid of the darkness, I head down into the Maggot Lair to retrieve the shaft for the Horadric Staff.


While exploring the first two levels of the lair, I found quite a few rooms that have chests that drop at least one magical item, which for the most part I use as a source of gold since storage space is limited for both my inventory and stash, except for one case being a magical grand scepter, the Sharp Grand Scepter of Slaying, which proves to be better than the Doom Impaler. Continuing to the third level of the lair and slaying tons of maggots, I encounter the Coldworm the Burrower. Since it has the ability to spawn new maggots, I focus on slaying it first before clearing out the room. Once I've cleared out the room, I collect two magical items that Coldworm the Burrower dropped, a morning star and a broad axe, and then I open the golden chest located in the room that contains a good amount of gold as well as the Staff of Kings, which I assume serves as the shaft of the Horadric Staff.

After making sure I've gotten everything I can get from the Maggot Lair, I return to the city to inform Cain of the staff. He confirms that the staff is indeed the shaft portion of the Horadric Staff. Once I've identified the two magical weapons and sold them since they weren't that useful to me, I rest up for tomorrow, where I'll search for the headpiece of the staff and find and destroy the source of the darkness.

End of Session Stats:


Level: 19

Strength: 64

Dexterity: 48

Vitality: 53 (I mistook 5 for a 6 in the last post because the two look so similar in the game)

Energy: 18

Skill List Update:

Learned Sacrifice

End of Day 5:

Again sorry for the shorter post, I'll try to play in the afternoon tomorrow so I can have a longer session.

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